Geekery Swag

It’s time for another 5 Fandom Friday. This weeks prompts is geeky shops I love to get things from. This one was a bit on the hard side for me, since I tend to use amazon and ebay for stuff. But these are the current shops I love to get my geeky swag from.

earthandspaceFirst up is Laughingbear, it’s an online shop that is run by a very nice young woman named Renee. I have gotten my notebook I use as a “bullet” planner for Iggle-ness & blog planning in, charms for my 3DS, and washi tape. Lost of washi tape! She closes her shop when she has a lot of school/life stuff, or when she’s at a convention. But she has a ton of stuff to choose from when her shop is open.



Boygirlparty is an esty shop, and a place I get stationary from. I really love their todo lists, and their owl fold + mail stationary, super cute stuff. I found them on tumblr, and have been a fan for quite some time.

Shipping has been very quick for me. They ship from San Diego, CA and I’m in Oregon so I’m sure that’s part of it.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.38.18 AMOhh Deer is an awesome shop over in the UK. I love ordering from them. Shipping take a while since it’s international but their prices are fair, and they have a student discount. (Score!) They also just started papergang which is a monthly stationary subscription box. They launched it in March and is pretty awesome (unboxing coming soon).

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.47.21 AMTee Fury is a place that I get a ton of T-Shirts from. This site pits 2 shirts against each other to battle it out. When I first started buying nerdy mash up shirts from they that was all they did. Now they have leggings, pins, hoodies, prints, all kinds of stuff. It’s been really fun to see their business grow. I’ve probably been buying their awesome wears for 4+ years now.

isla_280x280.19804295_i7ifmrygNovelly Yours is a recent find for me. Found them through twitter, it’s an esty shop that sells candles themed around books. I’m currently having trouble deciding what I can afford because I will spend all my money on these. I love the themes, and if you like reading at all there is something for you. The only down side is the shipping costs, but I think this has to do with the weight of the candles, and how quickly it can add up. Which I totally understand. Shipping is a tricky thing.


These are my current favorite shops to buy my geeky swag from. Where do you get yours from? I would love some recommendations!


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