#thegirlgang : Self Care

Every Monday #TheGirlGang does like an hour long chat about different topics and since starting them in January I think I’ve only missed like one or two. But I thought it would be a super nifty idea to expand upon their questions as a blog post later. So that’s what I’m gonna do! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what #thegirlgang is it’s a hashtag/group started by a very talented blogger named Jemma (check her out here). #thegirlgang is a community spreading positivity, support, and helping each other out. If you interested in participating in the chats yourself they happen every Monday, 6 pm GMT (for me it’s 10 am PDT), and check out their twitter here. & to find out even more about #thegirlgang click here for FAQ.

This weeks topic was self care, there were so many responses and great chats going on my tweet deck could hardly keep up! I wasn’t sure if I would like answering these sort of questions because, for me, it is slightly more private than I would like to be, but I though ‘why not, just try’ and it went well  so I hope you all enjoy. ❤

Q1: What does self care mean to you & how often do you practice self care, in whatever way?

A1: Appreciating myself + loving exactly who I am. Doing things just for me. Like bubble baths or a movie date with myself.

When I was in middle school I didn’t love myself. Nor did I respect myself. I didn’t even know what that meant. I am very thankful to my parents for teaching me about self love and self respect. Also along those lines they taught me that if I didn’t love/respect myself then I couldn’t love/respect anyone else. This was some pretty heavy stuff for a pre-teen, but I’m glad I learned those life lessons early.

Today I still struggle with self love when it comes to body image, but I always respect myself, and know how my body deserves to be treated and what my standards are for that. From having bulimia as a pre-teen/teen, I learned that hardest way possible. But now I pamper myself, and reward myself for the small things. From my experience, self love is  important for any mental health issue, my other experience with mental health is from having an oh so lovely mix of panic and social anxiety disorders (….there’s a post coming about this….).

Q2: What methods REALLY actually work for you when you feel run down/low/in need?

A2: Meditation, Yoga, & Pampering myself. I try to meditate everyday, it really makes a difference for me.

I started meditation in high school, and I do it just about everyday. Some times for 10 minutes, sometimes for an hour, just depends on what’s going on that day. But I do it every, single, day. It’s one of the ways I manage panic, anxiety, and stress. Yoga helps too, I did it in high school but really got into it in college, and do it about 3 times a week on average. For me it’s energizing, makes me feel good about my body, and is relaxing. Lastly, pampering- from reading books/comics to playing video games, to hanging out with my boyfriend, I have lots of ways to relax and take my mind off of things.

Q3: Are there specific times you know you’ll need extra care/comfort than others? What most makes you feel you need ‘me time’?

A3:I work on my parent’s organic berry farm, so in the summer I need a lot of me time. It’s very stressful during harvest.

Never work with/for your family people. It’s the worst. I love my family, but being with them basically 24/7 in the summer makes me go nuts. It’s when I break out in a stress rash on my arms and legs and it’s when everyone is not getting along because of stress. I love the rush of harvest, but hate the stress. And everything has to go perfectly otherwise we get behind and if you get behind you’ll never catch up which means loss of crop basically. Or the possibility of it.

Last summer I took a weekly yoga class and that helped a lot. I usually just do yoga at home, but the class really helped. At the end of harvest I also took a week off and did NOTHING. I literally went to the woods and camped and hiked. No family, no friends, no pets, just me and mother nature. It was awesome; when I came back I was refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Q4: Have you found advice/tips-such as blog posts- that help you with self care? Or is it trial/error of what works for you? 

A4: I like reading about others experiences=feeling like I’m not alone. But it’s mostly trial/error for what helps me.

For a long time I didn’t know what was wrong with me when it came to the panic and anxiety disorders. Feeling like your at war with yourself is the hardest and worst thing ever, and is a solitaire activity. So to find others sharing their stories gives me courage, hope, and strength to keep doing what I am.

But everyone is different and everyone deals with stress, life, whatever in their own way. So while reading about others, I have my own ways of making myself feel calm, relaxed and collected.

You can still share your answers if your interested, just use #thegirlgang on twitter, or leave me a comment down below! I would love to hear from you all. ❤ 



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