Dawn of Kick Ass

Looks like super hero movies are here to stay for a while, and it looks like DC is a bit jealous of all that money Marvel is making. So now we have Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice. I love me a good super hero movie, and I like both realms of Marvel & DC, but when it comes to the movies I have always found myself rooting for the villain in DC movies, that is until now.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen the movie, GO WATCH IT! Cause I’m gonna spoil everything.

The plot of the movie is pretty simple. Superman destroyed part of Metropolis in Man of Steel, which also had a Wayne Building in it, which was destroyed, and of course Bruce was there trying to save people. This was the spark that planted a hate seed in Bruce’s heart. The seed grew for two years, the more Superman did, the more lives he saved, Bruce only saw the wave of destruction behind him, and those killed or injured because of Superman’s action.

Meanwhile Clark keeps hearing about Batman over in Gotham, and how the police seem to be aiding him. Clark sees this vigilante as unchecked power that needs to be stopped or controlled.

That’s the basic plot, now every movie has a villain, and that comes in the form of Lex Luthor. He puts his evil mastermind plan into play, and target’s superman, he paints him as the villain and a cause for fear by the people, despite how many Superman does save and the good he does do.

The movie is executed very well for a DC movie. It’s action scenes are amazing, and are one of my favorite things about the movie. When it comes to the acting though I feel like some errors were made along the way.


Mainly being Lex. Lex Luthor is played by Jesse Eisenburg, also known from The Social Network and Zombieland, he’s a good actor, and I’m a fan of him. But either the way he decided to play Lex, or the way he was directed to play Lex was awful. Just awful and was a real disappointment. He would have made a great Joke, Riddler, or Scarecrow. Basically any villain other than Lex. I feel like this stems from the psychopathic tendencies he displayed, and the way he talked. Lex is suppose to be an arrogant, rich, ridiculously brilliant man, who hates Superman. Not a psychopath. Not Joker, or Riddler, or Two Face, or Scarecrow. It was just a huge miss.

There were also aspects of the movie that didn’t lend to the over all movie and were confusing were Batman’s dream sequences. Especially the opening. He falls down a hole, and sees all the bats, the bats then fly around him, levitating him to the surface. I was laughing so hard because I didn’t understand what was happening. Then they showed it was a dream and so many people around me were relieved.

Another aspect was the cameos of other superheros; The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. They could have done so much more, and so much better with them. They didn’t add anything to the movie. They did do their job at “hinting” that there is to be other movies coming out, but that Aquaman cameo made me not want to see anything with him in it. It was that poorly done.

The last scene of the movie I think could have been cut out is when Superman and Louis have their “I love you-self sacrifice” scene. Again so many people around me were audibly annoyed by this decision. It also ruined the flow of the action scene that was going on. The film literally pulled the audience away from the cool action stuff to shove romance down our throats. NO ONE CARES. We know the comic, we know they love each other, we got it. Can we just watch things blow up please?

Now on to the things I loved about the movie!

First off is Batman. I’m not typically a Batman fan. I tend to root for The Joker and Harley Quinn, but the Batman, played by Ben Affleck was terrifying in a fantastic way. I’ve never been scared of a superhero, but I was scared of Batman. Which I found hugely refreshing. They also redid the batmobile which is so much better. When it came to the Batman aspects of combat it was the most relatable thing I think audiences have seen. It felt like the comics, and video games that have come out for Batman. Also to have Batman killing people, that is a first for the movies. We have only seen the Batman knock people out. But this Batman is hardened and older than any of the other Batmans we’ve seen.


Second big thing I loved was Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. She was so cool! Her acting was on point, and it had to be because she didn’t have a ton of speaking lines. I loved her costume, and I love, love, love that the film had her show up to “save” Batman and Superman’s butts. She was portrayed as an empowering female superhero. They also did the Lasso of Truth very well, I didn’t think we would see it even though it’s iconic to Wonder Woman.


The last big thing I like was Doomsday. As far as recent movies go from DC we’ve seen Human based threats, not meaning actual humans, but human like life forms. Not monsters. Doomsday is a freaking, terrifying monster. Created by Lex Luthor from General Zod’s corpse,  Lex’s blood, and some genetic goop. It was perfect, appearing to be from the actual comic, bones popping out from all over and everything. Being terrified during a superhero movie is such a new experience and something that DC has done right and well. Marvel could learn something from them.

Over all this movie is amazing! Beautiful cinematography, the story is told well (not great but well), and the action is kick ass. I am looking forward to the next Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Justice League movie that comes out. And I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves superheros.

Have you seen Batman vs Superman? What did you think? Leave a comment down below!




One thought on “Dawn of Kick Ass

  1. So it was pointed out to me that Lex Luthor is actually Lex’s son and the kid in the movie is Alexander but goes by Lex. I completely missed this….so while I still think Lex was more of a Joker character I don’t hold him to, I guess, his father’s personality. Just thought I needed to clear that up.


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