Play with Pixels


April’s theme on IGGPPC is Play with Pixels which basically anything video game related! Just up my ally! It’s been a really fun month, sending video game themed mail to other Iggles. Here are my answers to this month’s inside the theme:

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Black Desert Online: Patch Notes 04.20.16

The highly anticipated Musa and Maehwa classes will be available after today’s maintenance. These unique classes bring unique abilities and a very different play style from the roster of characters currently available.

The Musa was an ancient Korean warrior, highly skilled in martial arts and sword fighting and reminiscent to the Japanese Samurai in fighting style and status. The Maehwa is the female inspiration on this class.

Click here to see original patch notes

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BDO: Patch Notes 4.13.16

Daum Games latest patch to the NA/EU servers for Black Desert Online have added skills for tier 1 pets when they reach level 10 and the max HP for Tier 5 horses has been increased.

The Easter Event is also partially over as you will no longer be able to collect Easter Eggs but you will still be able to turn them in to the appropriate vendors until April 20th.

Click here to see original patch notes.

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Paper Gangster

As an avid lover of subscription boxes and more recently, stationary, I was over the moon with Ooh Dear announced they would be having a stationary subscription box coming out every month called Papergang.

March is when the first box launched, but I only just received mine. Somewhere along the way the mine got sidetracked it seems. But I’m very happy to report that the Papergang has an amazing customer support, and they took very good care of me. Which has resulted in me having two of the first boxes, so I thought I would give one away, but more details about that in a bit.

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#thegirlgang : Self Care

Every Monday #TheGirlGang does like an hour long chat about different topics and since starting them in January I think I’ve only missed like one or two. But I thought it would be a super nifty idea to expand upon their questions as a blog post later. So that’s what I’m gonna do! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what #thegirlgang is it’s a hashtag/group started by a very talented blogger named Jemma (check her out here). #thegirlgang is a community spreading positivity, support, and helping each other out. If you interested in participating in the chats yourself they happen every Monday, 6 pm GMT (for me it’s 10 am PDT), and check out their twitter here. & to find out even more about #thegirlgang click here for FAQ.

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Dawn of Kick Ass

Looks like super hero movies are here to stay for a while, and it looks like DC is a bit jealous of all that money Marvel is making. So now we have Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice. I love me a good super hero movie, and I like both realms of Marvel & DC, but when it comes to the movies I have always found myself rooting for the villain in DC movies, that is until now.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen the movie, GO WATCH IT! Cause I’m gonna spoil everything.

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In case You Missed It: Final Fantasy XV

Wednesday evening the world learned 14 things about Final Fantasy 15. My boyfriend and I watched via Twitch through Ducksauce, and the presentation was fine. I thought some of the guests they had up on stage were acting weird, like they were just awkward as though they were nervous and that’s totally ok. If I was up there I would be nervous, but that also tells me that maybe they should have had a couple more run through of the show to make people more comfortable.

My background with Final Fantasy is fairly new. I have played Final Fantasy III in 2006 on my DS I had, Final Fantasy VII (PC), Final Fantasy XII PS2, Final Fantasy XIV Online, and I am finishing Final Fantasy Type-0. So I haven’t played all of them, but I’m not a stranger to the series either.

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Let’s Go On An Adventure of Death + Destruction!

March was a very different kind of month for me when it came to reading, for the last two months I’ve been into reading comic books and really enjoyed it, so I had ordered a ton of comic books to read through out the month of March, thing is they are arriving today. I don’t know what is up with the shipping people or the warehouse but I’m never getting comics from Midtown Comics again. Worst service ever. So I guess in April I will be reading a ton of comics instead.

I defiantly had a theme going on in all the books I read. And that would be of Dystopias, which was also the theme for Iggle Bookworms, I didn’t even realize I read all dystopian novels this month.

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