Black Desert Pre-Patch Notes 3.29.16

It’s finally time for the Mediah expansion! I’m super excited and I hope you all are as well. Let’s dig into the patch notes. If you want to see the original post click here.  Since there isn’t a whole lot I’m not going to be making any comments like I have in past notes. But once the patch is out and we know more then I’ll be going through those.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.00.44 AM








  • Content Update (Mediah Expansion; New Region)
  • Cash Shop Update
  • Applying requested “Name Swap”
  • Patch Notes including improvements and new features can be found in our Forum after the maintenance

Note: Our team will do its very best to work within the given timeframes; it may occur that the timeframes are extended. In that case we will update this announcement accordingly.

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Thank you for your support and understanding.
Best regards, BDO Team


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