Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!

Pokken Tournament was released on March 18, 2016. I picked it up along with all of my lovely Animal Crossing Serise 3 cards. Since getting this it’s become increasingly addictive while playing. So if your thinking about picking it up because Pokemon are great! But not sure if this game is, hopefully I’ll help clear that up!

So what is Pokken Tournament? Well it’s a Pokemon fighting game, but it’s not like street fighter or any other title out there. Pokken Tournament is unique, it includes two phases of fighting, one of the classic 2D (like street fighter), but then also has a 3D phase that opens the fighting field up a ton.


Additionally, you can also call in support Pokemon to help you out during your battle, and each main Pokemon your battling as can mega-evolve to deliver devastating hits.

Like in other fighting games there are combos, but they are very straight forward. The game takes you through the basics in a tutorial, but then you can also go to the training area and practice more complex combos. For me, I found this very helpful, I am not super good at fighting games, for example, I like the idea of Smash Bros, but I suck at the game, so I was nervous going into this game. Which also means I spent an insane amount of time making sure I knew the combos and knew how to play.

But when I was finally ready I had a blast going through the different leagues (Green, Blue, Red, Chroma, and Iron) and then of course I moved on to online battling, which is super fun and a lot more challenging than the leagues. There is also single player battles against NPCs, you can do basic battling or “extra” battles. In those battles you can set different setting to be able to battle at you skill level and if you just want to kick back you can set it for that as well. I found this play mode very enjoyable as well.

My Town is a cool place, it’s where you can select you main battling Pokemon (and see their stats from battles), select you support Pokemon, customize you avatar, and advisor settings.

After each battle you can see your score and stars, then you also get a money reward. Your chosen Pokemon is in the middle with you avatar over on the right.

The different Pokemon you have to pick from is rather limited when you think about how many different types of Pokemon there are, but I get to play as one of my favorite fighting types, Lucario! I hear Pikachu is super strong, but I haven’t faced to many of them in online battling.

There was also this little bit they snuck into the game, it was a baby plot- because in no way was it meaning to be a big thought or goal for the game, but more like something fun to throw into the game, having to do with a mysterious trainer and her Pokemon Mew II. I really enjoyed that element of the game and it was just enough to not take away from the whole “fighter” idea of the game. So it was very tastefully done.

So who would I recommend this game to? Anyone who loves Pokemon. Don’t expect it to be like any fighter you’ve played before, and keep an open mind. I think this is a game that is great fro lots of ages, and could be something a parent and child could bond over, or it’s just as fun to kick back with your friends and throw down.

Have you picked up Pokken Tournament? What did you think about it? Leave me a comment below ,I would love to know your thoughts!


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