Kawaii Overload!

I have been so “lazy” blogging this month, partly due to The Division and Black Desert Online eating away my life on the weekends, the other part is I’ve been having really awful back pains, and been having to go to the doctor for pain meds,  going to massages, and chiropractor appointments. Back pain is the worst because it just takes it out of you, and (at least for me)  I tend to sleep the pain off. But I’m doing better and settling down to get out a ton of Blog posts over this week, so be ready!

So this month was the best box for Kawaii Box out of all the months I’ve gotten it so far, and I’m excited to share all the goodies I got!

IMG_7434 This was my favorite thing I got. They are Bourbon Petit Green Tea Falvored Cookies, and they are delicious. Basically they taste like chocolate chip cookies, with a mild green tea after taste. I normally don’t like green tea things but this is a nice mild taste which actually complements the chocolate. I like these so much I’m going to go the Japanese and Korea markets that are near me to see if they sell anything similar. (not sure which country they are from) And this gets bonus points because I made my boyfriend try them and he liked them as well. 🙂

IMG_7431This is a Moomin Plushie that is also a key chain. I think this was my least favorite item from the box, because the tail was cut into two otherwise it was fine, and would have just been an average item to me.




IMG_7432So this item I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with but now I have a perfect plan! This is a Korean DYI Magic Balloon Set and basically its make your own balloon animals, like what clowns do for little kids. As it turns out IGGPPC published a YouTube video challenge of balloon animals so I’m thinking I’ll be able to use this DYI kit and make a response video! What fun! So if you want to see that click here to head to my YouTube channel and hit subscribe (I promise to only make fun videos! 😛 )


IMG_7423 These are sooo cute! They are Cute Bunny Paperclips, and I’m using one in my planner now, they are so adorable. I love when they include stationary items. This month also I’ve really been liking paper clips for some reason. These might be also included in my monthly favorites for this month. They are also good quality, like the bunny on top isn’t going to come off unless you really try to break it which is nice to see.


IMG_7427 I’m just going to keep gushing over all these items, like seriously their game is on point this month. This is a Taiyaki Crepe Charm. It did come in a plastic bag to keep it safe and whatknots, when I took it out it did smell super yuckie but after a day or two that smell has gone away which is nice. It’s the heaviest keychain I’ve received from Kawaii Box, but it’s not too bad. It would be fine on a bag, I wouldn’t put it on my phone or 3DS, I think that would be to much weight for me.


IMG_7424This is Funny Forest Greeting Card, which is pretty funny! This is a great thing to get to send off to a friend this spring/summer. It’s also great because this is a stationary item, and it’s kinda quirky rather than being Kawaii with is totally ok with me.




IMG_7422Neko Sticker Sheet. This is the third stationary item, which could be a reason I love this box, haha. & these are super cute, I love the theme.





IMG_7421 Lucky Baby Sheep Pen, and this is the fourth stationary item (also the last). But every box basically comes with stickers and a pen. And it’s sooo cute! I love the pens they send, out of all of them I’ve only had one give me problems.




IMG_7420This is a DYI Bead Bracelet Set, and while I might not use this item. IGGPPC Camp is this summer and I might throw that in there for the camp care package swap, or actually make the bracelet and put it in there for whoever I’m paired with.




IMG_7430 This is a Korean DYI Stiching Key chain, and this too might be something I save for a future swap, but I know it will find a good home. 🙂 I just don’t get much into the DYI things. But I do think they make for cool gift & swap items.




So there is actually one more item included in the box- a Kawaii Mini Pouch- but it was missing from my box so I contacted Kawaii Box’s customer service and sent them pics of my box and everything and they sent a replacement item, it’s currently in transit so once I have it I’ll come back and update this post! But great customer service, and super quick reply’s which I appreciate a ton.

If you want to check out Kawaii Box for yourself you can do so here. I think I have one more box coming then I won’t be getting anymore because I’m trying a different subscription box. Just need to swap things up, I’m sure I’ll come back to Kawaii box in the future though.


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