Black Desert Patch Notes March 23

Black Desert Patch Notes from March 23, 2016. Is anyone excited for the easter egg hunt? To see the original patch notes click here. If I have any notes or comments those will be in italicized blue.

Event System Changes

The Easter Event is commencing! You can earn five different types of Easter Eggs by; Hunting monsters, gathering, fishing and exploring the world.

Start: March 23th 10:00 UTC

End: April 6th 10:00 UTC

  • Hunting Monsters: There is a low chance to get “Life Easter Egg”
  • Gathering: There is a low chance to get “Easter Egg with Star Pattern”
    • You can use your bare hands, Lumbering Axe, Sap Gathering Tool, Hoe, Butcher Knife, Tanning Knife, or Pickaxe.
  • Fishing: There is a low chance to get “Raindrop Easter Egg”
  • Exploration: You can get four types of Easter Eggs including “Rainbow Easter Egg”
    • Eggs are hidden throughout the world.  Find an Easter Egg by searching  the world to randomly get 1-2 Life/Star Eggs, 1-3 Raindrop Eggs, or 1-5 Rainbow Eggs.
  • Collected Eggs can be turned in for a special egg or furniture item.
  • The Egg Quests can be received from the Priests in Velia, Heidel, and Calpheon
    • The quest can be received from all three locations, you can only progress one at a time.
    • You may only exchange your eggs for furniture one time per account.
    • You may exchange your eggs as many times as you like for Black Spirit Easter Eggs.

    All Dye Bundles will be on sale! Price 120 -> 80 Pearls

      • Start: March 23th 10:00 UTC
      • End: April 6th 10:00 UTC

I’m actually excited about this. I love when games put in seasonal events, somehow it makes the game relate to real life a bit more which is fun. I also just love easter egg hunts irl so I’m like a giant 3 year old in that way. haha. 

Item Changes

  • Required level for Megaphone has been increased to 20.
    • This has been done to hinder goldsellers from abusing this item.
  • Required level for gifting has been increased to 20.
  • Flare can now be registered on the Market Place.
    • The flare will be craftable soon.
  • Registration prices for Flashbang, Fireshot, and Poison Shot have been increased.
  • Gold Bar has been added to drop list from Field Boss reward packages.

These are pretty cool changes. I look forward to seeing what else they make craftable. Less pay for connivence more crafting! yay!

Mech Changes

  • Pet exchange button was added.
    • In order to exchange, the generation difference between the pets must be 1 or fewer.
  • Skill effect window was added next to the pet list window. The skill effect window shows the total skill effect of all the accompanying pets, and if pets do not have any skills, the window will not appear. (You can check the total value of a pet’s skill from the pet info window.)
  • When exchanging pets, the new pet can inherit one of its parent’s skills. You can choose to inherit or not.
    • If the number of the inherited skills does not surpass the new pet’s skill capacity, the skill slots will be filled with extra random skills.
  • Changes in Pet Skill
    • Any EXP boost effect of the same type from a pet will be overlapped.
      • IF three summoned pets each have an effect of Combat EXP +3%, the total bonus will give +9%.
      • However, one pet cannot acquire the same type of duplicate skill.
    • Bonuses from summoned pets are now cumulative.
    • Pets will get a specific number of skills based on their tier.
      • Tier 1-2: 1 skill, Tier 3: 2 skills, Tier 4: 3 skills
  • Function to take out all the pets was added.
  • Pet Categories and Skills: Pets are categorized into Domestic, Aves, Wild, and Monsters. Each pet has a high chance of learning main and common skills with an abysmal chance of learning different types of skills.
    • Common: Combat EXP Increase, Karma Recovery Increase
    • Domestic (Dog, Cat, etc.): Cooking/Alchemy/Processing/Farming EXP +
    • Aves (Hawk, etc.): Fishing +1, Fishing/Hunting/Training/Trade EXP +
    • Monster (Snowman, etc.): Gathering +1, Gathering EXP +
    • EXP skills gained from exchanging pets will increase by 3%.
  • Exp from fishing has been adjusted based on the grade of what is caught.
  • The command /Rescue is disabled.  This has been done to prevent players from using it as a way to escape combat and avoid death.  Instead players can use the Rescue button found on the ESC Menu to escape being stuck in terrain.
  • Chat Messages being overlapped in chat has been fixed.

Umm so I was under the impression that pet breading wasn’t in the game yet. When was it added? Or is this leading up to it become active? If you know the answer please leave me a comment! I would love to know! ❤ 

Monster Changes

  • Fixed the location of the Gargoyle stuck between rocks in Long Leaf Forest.
  • Number of reward packages from Field Bosses increased from 20ea to 40ea.
  • Field Boss Red Nose has had his attack pattern changed, which is much more powerful than before.
  • Attack rate for the following bosses(Quest Boss Only) has been decreased.
    • Red Nose, Giath, Dastard Bheg, Al Rhundi, Titium, Muskan, Org, and Biraghi.
  • Field Boss movement is now smoother.
  • Monster alert animation is now smoother.

Quest Changes

  • Recovery rate has increased for some of the Gathering Quests.

Interface Changes

  • Save feature added to Key Viewer
    • ESC >UI Settings>Key Viewer can now be seen, and its status (location, etc.) can be saved for later.

Yes! I’m actually so happy they added this! I was hoping they would. I will be using this feature a ton!!

  • The running Goblin from the loading screen is replaced by a running egg for the event period. <—aww so cute!
  • Fixed the UI location when changing from Observer Mode.
  • Visual effect has been added for down, speed, counter, air attack and critical.
  • “R” button will now show as what it is set to for that hot key.
  • “Cancel” from UI short key menu has been removed, you will not be able to rebind the ESC key.
  • Some of the Guild UI for FR & DE has been updated.
  • Hot key settings for UI have been fixed.

Well that’s it for this patch. Will you be participating in the Easter Egg hunt? Or do think its a waste of time? Let me know in the comments below! 


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