BDO: Patch Notes 3.16

I am so late with getting this up 😦 Life has been busy lately and things got away from me. To see the original patch notes click here. Just like last time I’ll be making my notes in italicized blue. The good news is that they haven’t messed anything up, like they did last time.

Date: March 16, 2016

Event & System

  • 3 new channels (Valencia 1,2,3) have been added to all servers for now, to handle the increased population and secure a stable gameplay experience

Did anyone else experience the epic fail of a few channels? It was a few days ago now, but the amount of lag for me made the game unplayable. I had to get off it was really sad. 

  • Requesting a Chat Ban has changed as follows;
    • Cost is now 15 Energy to request a Chat Ban.
    • Chat Ban duration has been increased.

Why? You know what they should do? They should make it cost the person being banned energy. Not the player requesting it. Oh, but, on a side note, I did finally see those gold sellers they were talking about. 

  • A Roleplay chat channel has been added.
    • This channel is off by default but can be enabled in settings.
    • Talking in RP Chat will cost 1 Energy

The gold sellers found their home here. How did they not see that coming, when they are the ones complaining about the gold sellers??

  • Ratio for horse breeding has been increased to produce more high tier horses.

Yay! But tier 6 and higher are still not in the game, so half a yay really…


  • Witch/Wizard
    • Can no longer accidentally resurrect opponents.
    • Damage to frozen opponents has been increased up to 20%.

Holiday Event

  • Start: March 16th 09:00 UTC (After maintenance)
  • End: March 21st 09:00 UTC (With maintenance)
    • Event Title: Saint Patrick’s Day
    • Green Dye Bundle price reduced from 120 pearls to 80 pearls.
    • Add a one-time purchase Green Dye for 1 Loyalty.

Yay dyes….woooooo….. (you can feel my excitement can’t you?)


  • Cash Shop
    • Added the “Splat Fisher’s Clothes” costume.
    • Added the Shepherd dog pet.
    • Added the Megaphone
    • Added Family Name Change Ticket

Well I’m glad they added the Shepard dog pet, and it doesn’t look stupid, and I haven’t gotten a dog yet. So I’ll be getting that guy, love Shepards! (I have one irl, they are the best,  + smartest dogs!)

  • Limit 2 Per Account
  • 1,000 Pearls Each
  • The following items have had their tool-tip corrected.
    • Agerian Helmet
    • Agerian Helmet of Iron Wall
    • Agerian Helmet of Agility
    • Agerian Helmet of Intimidation
    • Agerian Helmet of Destruction
    • Agerian Helmet of Sacrifice
    • Ultimate Agerian Helmet


  • Added new Field Boss “Dastard Bheg”
  • The following Field Boss mechanics have changed.
    • Each Field Boss now has a fixed spawn location.
    • All Field Bosses will not return to full heath if they leave combat.
    • Field Bosses will now attack players who get too close to them with a ranged attack and are invincible when not in combat.
  • Green Orc Skeleton Warrior has had an HP increase.
  • Green Orc Elite Soldier population around Hexe Marie has been increased.
  • Monster arrangement at Calpheon Shrine has been modified and population has been increased.
  • Monster arrangement at Abandoned Monastery has been modified and population has been increased.


  • Changed the horse “Parking” notice to only appear above your horse.


  • Fixed the issue where characters would clip underground when sitting or crawling.
  • Fixed the issue where characters would be under water when they logged in after logging out on a boat.


  • Pet Breeding is disabled pending system changes.

Seriously what is the hold up with Pet Breeding??? Did someone delete a file or something? Why show us all the goodies in CBT2 and then take it all away? 😦


  • The standard on Channel Server Status has been changed.
    • Example: The number of players need to change status from Crowded to Overrun.

Well, all in all, looks like they haven’t broken the game *yet*. What did you guys thing of the patch? Anything you wanted to see changed that wasn’t? Let me know in the comments! 


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