Guild Acceptance

Me & A Guildie Leveling together

Over a year ago I was playing ArchAge, before it went pay-to-win, and in that game your guild is basically your family. ArchAge was the first game that I wasn’t playing with friends, or anyone I knew in real life. Which meant I was on my own for finding a guild. Luckily I found a great one, and became friends with everyone, I even made officer, and lead us to victory in Sea PVP ~my specialty~ I also got to learn what I like to call public relations, basically making treaty and agreements with other guilds so we could accomplish a common goal, and sorting out guild politics.

In BDO it’s the same mentality towards guilds. But the guild will actually pay you for being part of it which is really cool. Before head start I started thinking about what sort of guild I would want to join. And basically I wanted to find my ArchAge family all over again. So I took to the forums and to reddit, reading through post after post looking for something that sounded like I would fit. I narrowed it down the three possibilities and emailed them. I heard back from only one, so I joined up.

I get really nervous about meeting people in real life, because of my social anxiety, and it’s almost worse when it comes to voice communications through discord, raid call, or team speak because I’m afraid they will think I sound way to girly or because of how I talk. I choose words that are my style and flare, such as “bomb digity” and that can make me a target just because I’m different. So with all this negativity in my brain I joined the discord server the day before head launch and met my new guildies.

On the first day of head start we all helped each other a ton, basically we chatted all day helping one another find our barrings around the game, and comparing guides we had found online. We formed parties and grinded together. By the end of the day we had started to build a good sense of comradery.

They also asked me to do some art of the guild, apparently no one else has talent, but everyone has an opinion. :p. I had a ton of fun designing for the guild, and I think I exceeded the GM’s expectations because by the end of the second day of head start he asked if I would be interested in being an officer in the guild, even (if I wanted) just temporarily.

I think the bonding that has already happened, and how comfortable I feel, as well as how many new friends I have made in a matter of days, speaks volumes to how much I will be enjoying my time in the guild and in the game! (Our guild only has one rule, no drama!)

These are some of the designs I came up with for the guild, I think I did over 20 different ones, including variations of color, etc.



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