BDO:Patch Notes 3.11.16

BDO had an update today! So that means patch notes And it was a bit of a cause for controversy, so let’s take a look and dive into what is exactly happening and what it means for us in the game.

If you would like to see the original patch notes click here. I’m going to make my remarks in itiliced blue:

Dear Players,

In case you haven’t read it yet:

We will perform an additional maintenance as follows:

Date: Friday, 11.03.2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.23.16 PM



Initially we had planned this maintenance today for the 16th March, but due to some urgent issues that had to be addressed swiftly, we decided to push this maintenance before the weekend.

The following changes will be applied during this maintenance:

Event & System

  • Character limitation in the chat window will be expanded to 350 Yes! This is so needed!
  • Removed the case sensitive limitation during marketplace search good, good
  • Added whisper notice sound. You can switch it off in your game setting menu sweet!

I think everything they changed/added was needed, I use whispers and guild chat a lot so it will be nice to have notifications and more characters to work with.


  • Berserker
    • Raging Thunder move distance has been increased.
  • Valkyrie
    • Fixed the issue where Valkyrie was not holding a sword in character creation.
  • Wizard/Witch
    • Fixed the issue where using Magical Shield also protected enemies.


  • Drop Rates for the following items from Field Boss Bundles has been increased.
    • Mark of Shadow from Giant Mudster
    • Tree Spirit Belt from Dim Tree Spirit
    • Tree Spirit Belt from Liverto Weapon Bundle
    • Liverto Weapon Bundle from Red Nose
  • Drop Rates from the following field boss has changed.
    • Giant Mudster
    • Before
      • Resplendent Ruby
      • Resplendent Topaz
      • Resplendent Emerald
      • Resplendent Diamond
      • Seal of the Hunter
    • After
      • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Swiftness
      • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Storm
      • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Valor
      • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Memory
      • Seal of the Hunter (with slightly increased numbers at random)


  • Added additional <Violent> Calpheon Shrine Elite Warriors
  • Spawn times of the field bosses (Red Nose, Dim Tree Spirit, Giant Mudster) was lowered from 24-32 hr to 12-24 hour.
  • Spawn time for <Violent> Green Orc Skeleton Warrior, <Sturdy> Calpheon Shadow Guard, <Violent> Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior was decreased.
  • EXP amount gained from Fat Catfishman, Rhutum Elite Brawler, Green Orc Skeleton Warrior, Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior, Calpheon Shadow Guard was lowered.

This is stupid, why, just why? Ok, I know why- they are trying to push players onto other mobs to grind on so people who need Catfish will grind them, but lowering xp was not the answer. Instead they should have increased xp on the mobs they are driving players to. You should never punish your players. Additionally what I think will happen is players will do minimum on catfish and move on then there will be a problem at the next mob group. I feel like this is a bandage not a solution. 

  •  Item drop rate for <Violent> Green Orc Skeleton Warrior, <Sturdy> Calpheon Shadow Guard, <Violente> Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior was adjusted to lower the drop rate of boss summon scrolls and accessories.
  • Mask Owl has had its level decreased from 40 to 39.
  • The following monsters are now immune to attack/movement slowing debuffs.
    • Scarecrow Ghost
    • Cultist Warrior
    • Big Horn Triangle Head Salamander
    • Patrol
    • Swamp Fogan Warrior
    • Strong Altar Imp Trainer
    • Mine Imp
    • Altar Imp Fighter
    • Khuruto Fighter
    • Waragon
    • Contaminated Butcher
    • Ruins Golem
    • Giant Possessed by Black Spirit
    • Ruins Monster
    • Petrifying Foreman
    • Orc Test Subject
    • Saunil Commander
    • Giant Combatant
    • Fat Catfishman
    • Rhutum Elite Brawler
    • Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
    • Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior
    • Calpheon Shadow Guard
  • The Liverto Staff (Wizard/Witch) was missing, because it was part of the Mediah Update in KR service. It has now been added to the drop of “Hexe Marie” (Boss Scroll)

It’s pretty cool that they added in an item that is needed for fully gearing (I believe).


  • Fixed the issue where the enhancement level was being displayed on the wrong spot when a Marketplace registration notification comes up.
  • You can open the knowledge window anytime now
  • Issue with the crop information window has been fixed (You could not open it before)

These fixes are cool for me, and anyone filling in their knowledge or are farming it up. 


  • Navigation added for the quest “Reyas’s Request.”
  • Navigation added for the quest “Margaret’s Test #2.”
  • Order for certain quests  has been changed to smooth leveling.
    • “Mask Owl Rumor”
    • “Big Muscle, Big Brain”
    • The quest “A Walking Bird?” was removed.


  • Fixed the issues that did not save changes made for Custom Quickslots
  • Fixed missing battle music
  • Fixed the issue where typhoons were not seen.
  • Fixed an issue with monsters not properly respawning

Ongoing Issues

  • Serendia Issue from 1st day of head start; compensation is still being worked on.
  • Pet Breeding is disabled as the system is being revamped, once complete it will be enabled.

What happened with pet breeding? It was fine in CBT2….I wish they would give more details on this. Also compensation should not be that hard to figure out. We should have had it on March 3rd at the latest. Now it’s not a headstart at all, nor is it really compensation when leveling because those people who actually care are already max level or close to it. 

Due to the increased “goldseller” population, we are beginning to put systems in place to suppress their market.

Players were able to abuse an exploit that allowed trading any amount of silver it through Potions.
Payer A could purchase potions, trade them with Player B and B could sell them back to the NPC to gain silver out of it. (or other items)

• Items traded 1:1 will become character bound and can not be sold anymore to the NPC, nor used for professions such as crafting/alchemy/cooking anymore (character bound)

THIS IS STUPID. There are no “goldsellers” I haven’t encountered one ever! This is also punishing to mercenary guilds which should totally be a way to play the game. They need to find a different solution to a nonexistent problem. If this game was free to play then what they are doing makes scents, but its buy to play, thus they are being very, very silly. 

After maintenance we will also offer the coupon to NA players who played on the 28th February between 08:00 UTC (opening) and 18:00 UTC (fixing the Serendia Issue) to submit a request for a “Character Name Swap between 2 existing characters” (Coupon can be found in the ACCOUNT tab on the website)

  • You may register your request on that page for swapping the names of two existing characters within the same region.
  • You must have two existing characters within the same region to be able to register a ‘name swap’.
  • Registration will open latest by end of 11th March and close  March 23rd at 08:00 UTC.
  • Name Swap will be applied on March 30th during the maintenance.
  • If a character, for which a ‘name swap’ has been registered is deleted within this process time, your request will fail and your coupon will be consumed.
  • Only one ‘name swap’ will be provided. A failed coupon will not be reimbursed.
  • Only your character’s names will be swapped. This doesn’t affect your character’s progression.
  • Note: Please make sure the chosen names are correct. After your confirmation this process is irreversible!

Thank god this is finally being live. My reserved name is Fraya, and I’ve had to go with Fraja, it’s just not the same… but I think this should have been available on March 3rd as well. As well as more communication about what is happening would have been nice. 

Best regards

BDO Team

What did you think of the patch notes? Is there anything that you would like to see come in the next patch? Have you encountered gold sellers? Let me know in the comments!


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