The Division: First Steps

I had no plans what so ever of playing this game but here we are. I bought it on release, just got the basic game, there is no way I’m paying $150 for a game, if I had that kind of money laying around it would be a different story but I don’t. If you have that kind of money then I am envious, straight up. Here are my thoughts on the Division so far.

Light Spoilers Ahead! I’m going to talk about common knowledge things but I think a light spoiler warning is needed. 🙂 

Everyone has a ton of thoughts on this game, some good, some bad, and some toxic. The beta for this game was less than impressed for me, and that is why I thought I wasn’t going to get this game at all. But I had a change of heart and had a ton of friends pick it up so I went for it. I just hate being left out.

2016-03-09 (4)
Really like how the map truly feels like NYC

So first off is all the complaints of the lack of story. So far I don’t have the same complaint. I have found lots of video files, cell phone recordings, and thing out in the world that help piece the story together. I also picked, let’s call it the companion book, for the game, it is not a game guide, but additional story and lore, it’s called New York Collapse. It’s one of my favorite layouts for books, it’s technically two stories one written with in the book and one within the margins.

So with all that, the story is there for me, and honestly within the game it has about the same amount of story content as when Destiny released and look at how Destiny has evolved from where it started.

This game is actually very similar to Destiny, it’s grind heavy, same looting concepts, but I like the play style better. For me it’s similar to Fall Out 4, from the shooting, the climbing on objects, the crouching, the art style of the game even. I also really like the fast travel function, as well as the sleek design of how to get from way point to way point. That’s very similar to how BDO works as well.

Actually the UI of the game I like a ton (the graphic designer in me is super happy), using bright neon colors are easy to see, the sleek modern design of everything is really refreshing for me. I’m use to playing games with a really clunky interface.

So far I prefer this game over Destiny for a few reasons. I do not do well with alien games, nor do I like alien movies or anything having to do with aliens. So Destiny kinda freaks me out and playing it I would get super nervous and become scared. Since The Division is all humans I have an easier time with it all. Another reason I like The Division better than Destiny is because I can have it on PC, for me a keyboard and mouse make me a whole lot better at aiming and shooting.

I really like the world, I’ve never been to NYC (well outside of the air port and that so does not count!) and I kept hearing people who live in NYC or have visiting being like “this is really what NYC would look like after an catastrophe!” That is so great to be true to the city, especially a city as iconic as NYC.

Something that I hate about The Division as well as Destiny is the hair selection options for female characters. They are literally all dude cuts. As well as all the face options being very, very masculine. I know they (the developer) assumes men to be their demographic but good god I just want some long hair. They gave the Dr. some good hair! Why can’t I have that???  *SIGH*

2016-03-09 (46).png
The Dr. & My Character. I just want pretty hair!!

My character is also the same height as male counter parts, and it would be nice if I was shorter, like the Dr. here. But the body movement isn’t as horrible as Destiny’s where it was like having something stuck up my characters butt. In The Division the movement is a lot smoother and realistic, but again, very masculine. If you going to have a female option do it well, don’t half ass it. Because while I like playing a female, at this point I would rather have a handsome male character.

Another thing I don’t like about The Division is after a while I kinda get motion sickness, and that’s really weird for me. I might need to go in and adjust my settings or something but that breaks my immersion, and I find that I have to take breaks, like walking away from the game which sucks.

I’m really looking forward to the content they put out in April for the game and seeing where the game goes in the future.

Are you picking up The Division? Do you like it more than Destiny (or less)? Let me know your thoughts on the game in the comments below!




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