Sometimes You Just Can’t Get Enough

WOW! I can’t believe another week has come and gone, 2016 is just flying. This week’s 5 Fandom Friday’s theme is 5 Favorite Fictional Foods. Hello yum! It’s so hard to just pick 5, but here they are, in all their delicious glory!


Marie Antoinette (2006): One of my favorite movies, like ever. It has an awesome soundtrack (seriously go check it out if you haven’t) and the sweets and pastries that are in the movie are mouth watering. I love how indulgent the food in the movie is, granted I bet most of it was fake and just for props but good lord what I would give to have been on set when they filmed!


Pirates of the Caribbean + Jack’s worry over rum. I love rum, like a little to much. I don’t like whiskey, or beer, or techelia, but a drink with rum! I’ll probably like it. Now this isn’t to say I drink a whole lot, because I really don’t, for me to drink would be like seeing a blue moon. No joke. But if rum gets involved then I’ll probably participate. The first rum I ever had was when my mom and I went to Canada when I was 20. The hotel we were staying in had a really fancy bar up the street from it and we decided to check it out. I was slightly excited to be able to drink legally, so I got a drink that had white rum in it, it was the most awesome thing I had ever had.


Anime Food. No matter what anime it is the food is always what blows my mind the most. I don’t watch a ton of anime (I would really like to watch more, if you have a recommendation please leave it in the comments!) but no matter what I always find myself admiring the food. I wish I had cool food drawing skills!

1010854346 A Cinderella Story (2004). Hal’s Diner, has this classic 1950’s vibe, even though its being taken over by the evil step mother, it’s really quite awesome. Plus having giant “talking” salmon in any movie just gives it bonus points. 🙂




Lastly is Easy A (2010), so I’m a bit of a nerd (big surprise there!) and when I really like a movie, I’ll watch with director commentary or who ever they have for commentary. While watching that version I found out that the director put oranges in every scene, this was his way of being “artistic.” Also fun fact Emma Stone’s character Olive Penderghast is an anagram! Olive – “I love” + Penderghast “pretend shag” which is like the whole main conflict of the movie!



Honeydukes in Hogsmeade from Harry Potter! The ultimate candy store! When I was reading the books I use to dream of actually going to Honeydukes, it sounds so amazing. When Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released on DVD I did a DYI showing party at my house. I made all kinds of treats that were in the movie, my mom thought I was nuts, but helped because I was baking and other than that had shown no interest whats so ever. Oh and it was  a viewing party for just my mom and I since I had no friends that like Harry Potter, I think I made my mom watch Harry Potter a little to much in a my childhood. Now I make my boyfriend what it with me. 🙂

So this theme of food couldn’t have come at a better time! This month I’m going to start including food types of things into blog posts, so get excited! This blog is going to become increasingly delicious! 




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