What’s Your Fate?

Fire Emblem Fates was released on February 19, 2016.  This review/thoughts is going to be a bit lengthy since there are three games to cover. I got birthright and am excited to share my thoughts about the game, so lets dive right in!

~SPOILER WARNING~ If you want to be unspoiled then go play the game and then come back! 

This game is different from others in the series for the fact that there are three different versions you can play, or you can play all of them. The choice is up to you! There is Birthright (this is the one I played), Conquest (this is the one my boyfriend choose to play), and Revelation. The main difference in the three games is who or who you don’t ally with. In Birthright you ally with the royal family of Hoshido, in Conquest you side with the royal family of Nohr, while in Revelations you don’t ally with anyone.

Who you ally with effects game mechanics, story, and difficulty of which you play at. The easiest way to think about it is Birthright= easy to moderate play, Conquest= Moderate to Hard, and Revelations= Moderate. Also keep in mind that while your playing you can set the difficulty to normal, hard, or lunatic (+ note the difficulty can be lowered, but not raised, at any time.)


fire b

If your playing this game then you can expect to have an easier time then in Conquest. The objectives of the chapters are typically a bit easier, you’ll being doing things like routing the enemy, or defeating an enemy leader. Between the chapters there is an option to scout for challenges and combat enemy units for xp or gold. StreetPass also comes into play in this, as you can combat other armies, and earn money and xp.

Hoshido is heavily influenced by Japan in its style and culture. This is reflected in the game by it’s fast, lightly armored units that can really dish out damage, with few mounted, heavy armored, or beast-like units.

Birthright Units and Classes: Ninja, Master Ninja, Mechanist, Samurai, Master of Arms, Swordmaster, Blacksmith, Apothecary, Merchant, Shura, Oni Savage, Monk/Shrine Maiden, Priestess, Great Master, Diviner, Onmyoji, Spear Fighter, Basara, Spear Master, Archer, Sniper, Sky Knight, Kinshi Knight, Falcon Knight, Kitsune, Nine-Tails. 

There are also unavoidable deaths in the game that even Phoenix mode can not save them. Each side has their own, now I’m not going to spoil everything, but I will tell you what chapters people die in. {Chapters 3, 17, 24, 26 (X2), and last chapter).


fire a

If your playing Conquest then your joining your adopted family, the royal family of Nohr, which is heavily influenced by European culture and style. In Conquest the chapters are a bit more diverse, by doing things such as breaking though well defended enemy lines, or holding an objective against really tough odds. The game in my opinion is more punishing than Birthright, because you have to work really hard for a smaller reward then you would get from Birthright. Grinding xp and relationships are very limited in Conquest, nor does the game allow for scouting on the map. It also does not have the StreetPass feature that Birthright does.

Nohr is reminiscent of previous Fire Emblem titles, and features many of the classes seen in previous games, such as mounted units and heavily armored units.

Conquest Units and Classes: Cavalier, Paladin, Knight, Great Knight, General, Outlaw, Adventurer, Mercenary, Bow Knight, Hero, Fighter, Beserker, Troubadour, Strategist, Maid/Butler, Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord, Dark Mage, Sorcerer, Dark Knight, Lancer, Wolfskin, Wolfssegner. 

For Conquests unavoidable deaths, is actually less than Birthrights. Be wary of chapters 13, 20, 23, 25, and the last chapter.


In this version you’ll be striking out on your own, refusing to side with either Hoshido or Nohr. This enables you to establish a new kingdom, doing so will let you recruit allies of both kingdoms. This game falls somewhere between Birthright and Conquest for difficulty. Basically some chapters have harder conditions to meet but the general objectives will be simple. You can also benefit from unlimited skirmishes between chapters to grind for extra money and xp.

Choosing revelations is a bit lack luster when it comes to the classes and units you have access to. But if you work hard you will start recruiting units from both sides.

Revelations Units and Classes: Both Units and Classes

For revelations there is only one unavoidable death, and you’ll just have to play the game to find out where and when it is! (insert evil laugh here)

My Thoughts

Now that we know the big differences between the games I can tell you how awesome and fun Birthright was for me! I got it when I was sick, and played it during that time. I was really glad I picked Birthright because I think I would have had a hard time concentrating on anything else harder. The story was super amazing, it kept me on my toes the entire time. This was my first experience with a Fire Emblem game (I’ve watched my boyfriend play others before, but never played myself), and I want to go back and play others now.

The biggest downside to this game I found was some of the dialog, and after doing some research I found out that it had been changed from the original Japaneses direct translation. In other words it had been localized for Western Nations. While there isn’t a whole lot wrong with that,  we are different cultures after all, I personally would have enjoyed the Japaneses version a lot more. I respect the difference in our cultures and I think through video games we can learn about different cultures. By localizing it as much as they did I think they did a great injustice to the game at the end of the day.

If you pick up the game, or all of them, let me know your thoughts in the comments!





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