Ready? Set? GOOOO!

Headstart for BDO started on Sunday, February 28, 2016 at midnight PST. The launch of an MMO is always so exciting, being the first into the game, seeing everyone else. There is just something magical about it. My guild was all on voice comms, ready to go, we created our characters and set off adventuring.

After about two hours things started to get wonky. We noticed people being dropped from the server, then having the game lag pretty bad. About ten minutes after that a notice appeared saying the channel was going down for maintenance. Ok fine, we waited out the 10 minutes, grinding what we could. So we went back to the character screen to log into another channel, and we found our characters had switched servers.

Well as you can imagine this caused a bit of, at first, confusion which quickly turned to anger and impatiences. For the next two hours people were in limbo (it was actually longer than that, but after two hours I went to bed.) some, like me, logged into the new server and continued to play, not really worrying about what was actually happening. While others, freaked out, and refused to log in fearing they would be unable to claim their pre-order items. I hadn’t claimed mine yet, just because I thought it would be annoying to deal with, turns out I was right.

So after some sleep I came back to the discord and find out that all characters created on the SERENDIA channels had been moved one server over. So my character was now on Orwen, still an NA server, so I didn’t see any reason not to just log in and keep going. That’s what everyone in my guild did in fact.

Later on we received this info:

Compensation: Target: • All users that created a character between 08:00 UTC – 12:00 UTC in either server (Edan, Orwen, Uno) and logged in via SERENDIA channel! Compensation Items: • 10x GM’s Apology Tier 3 (1h) –> Energy Recovery +1, Item Gain Chance +2,5%, Combat EXP +15%, Skill EXP +15%, Life EXP +15%, HP/MP Auto Recovery +15 • 1x Merv’s Palette (7 days) –> Lets you access all dye colors that are available on that palette and dye your equipped armor freely. If your armor is already dyed with regular colors, you will have to use Bleach first to neutralize that color. Colors will return to original status once the palette expired. Items above can be claimed via Coupons under your ACCOUNT page by end of March 3rd UTC.* *You will be informed by email in time!

How things are disturbed has changed as well as we got an XP boost on the afternoon of the 2nd. But where ever your character ended up is where it’s stuck. Additionally they will be name swapping the reserved name to where ever your character ended up.

While it totally sucks that the mix up happened at all. But as far as MMO launches go, it was pretty smooth. And I’m really glad the developer acknowledged their skew up, but they shouldn’t have added a third server hours before head start opened, nor should it have taken numerous hours before good communication was struck. Moving forward I would like to see the developer getting info out a lot quicker, I think that could have saved a lot of people heart ache.

Looking back to ArchAge’s launch I remember having the game open at 9am PST and it ended up not opening until that afternoon, as well as having maintenance be down for far more hours with no word of explanation from the developer. So far BDO is not like that, but there is room for improvement. I think if the developer of BDO does open lines of communication with the community more they will have a positive response and create a sense of trust between the developer and community.

So here’s to the future of BDO!


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