February Favorites

I can’t believe February is already gone! It was such a great month with some fantastic discoveries. These are my favorites from this month!

IMG_7261Mini Coloring Book from Target

My mom and I had to go pick up my dad from the Portland Airport, well we had some time to spare so we stopped by the Target that was right next to the air port. They had a whole bunch of stuff on discount and among it all I found this mini coloring book. It’s great for markers. I’ve really been enjoying having it in my bad for something to do while in the car or waiting for people/meetings.



Arrow Boost Lip Balm

I was really excited to get this in my Birchbox this month’s “What’s the Occasion” box. Birchbox came out with a new line called Arrow. Which is suppose to be a brand that is all about being something you can grab and go, super easy and goes with any woman’s busy lifestyle. Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm is suppose to adjust to the bodies pH, which in turn enhances the wearer’s natural lip color. It sounds like a mood ring but for your lips! Well I’ve been using it all month, and it’s very moisturizing and makes my lips a nice berry pink color most of the time, sometimes a lighter pink color.


Dragon Age: MageKiller #1  – #3

Oh how I love Dragon Age! I’ve been wanting to read Magekiller since it came out, but I’m lazy so I just got around to reading it this month, I had planed on just reading #1 & #2, but #3 came out and arrived before February was over, it is one of the best comics I’ve yet to read. So far the first issue leaves something to be desired but the other two really make up for it.



Black Desert CB2 MMO

BDO’s last CB test run was late this month, and it was my first experience with the game. I focused mostly on getting my bearings in the game. Ranger was my favorite during the CBT, but I plan on playing just about all the classes.


Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Series 2

This month was filled with trades out going and in coming for Series 2, which I completed! I have a fair few cards left over, and I think I’ve decided to hold on to them to see if I can use them for trading when Series 3 comes out.




Corioliss Argan Conditioning Mask

This is another product I received from Birchbox this month. I’ve gotten four uses out of this tiny tube so far and I think I can get one more. Then I’m going to get a full size one. Make good use of those Birchbox Points. This product makes my hair super duper soft and shiny, my least favorite thing about this product is how it smells, something along the lines of baby powder.






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