5 Things I learned during Headstart

Four glorious days of headstart in BDO, well almost four. Minus a few hours of mayhem, for an MMO launch it really wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I thought I would share five things I learned during headstart.


NPC Finder

It’s the nifty button next to the mini map. Click it and a drop down menu of wonders appear. If your looking for a specific NPC but can’t find them in a town just click what your looking for and the game sets you on the right path, literally.



Hit “P”, next to professions is ranking hit that and a whole bunch of lists pops up. Here you can see where you stand and who is in the top 30. It’s by channel not server so keep that in mind.



To see and set your title hit “P” then select the title tab, here you can see all the titles you’ve earned so far. To set a title hit “apply”, if you want to switch titles just click the one you want, if you don’t want to show a title at all hit “clear.”


Warehouses & Marketplaces

Each Warehouse is tied to that city or place. So be sure to keep track of what you keep where. You can also deposit sliver, this is very useful because sliver can weigh you down. To deposit sliver open you inventory and click the sliver there, enter the amount you want to deposit then enter. To withdraw, return to the same warehouse and click the sliver in it, type in the amount you want, then enter.

Marketplaces are also tied to each city, additionally they are connected server wide, meaning all channels for a marketplace in say Hidel is are connected, but marketplaces in Hidel and Vielenca are not connected.


It’s all connected

This game is very alt. friendly. Your energy, contribution points, workers, nods, pets, mounts, warehouse inventory, farms, housing, everything is connected and shared. While all energy pools are each character has access to the maximum amount. For example, I started with 52 energy, then I used a bit leaving me with 48 remaining. If I logged onto another character it would have 52 energy ready to go.

This is great for crafting, farming, gathering, processing, and helping the guild out.




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