Black Desert Online 3.30.16 Patch Notes

YAY Happy Patch Day! If you would like to see the original patch notes you can find them here.

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~Sweet Treats~March BoxyCharm

It’s that time of the month again for Boxy Charm. I was really disappointed in this months box. First off they tried something new. In every box you get a card, on one side it tells you the theme for the month on the other it tells you what products were included. Well I guess not enough people are using the Boxy Charm website because in order to learn about the product you now have to go to their website. I guess I don’t care, but I would rather have the information on the card.

Let’s get right into the products!

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Black Desert Pre-Patch Notes 3.29.16

It’s finally time for the Mediah expansion! I’m super excited and I hope you all are as well. Let’s dig into the patch notes. If you want to see the original post click here.  Since there isn’t a whole lot I’m not going to be making any comments like I have in past notes. But once the patch is out and we know more then I’ll be going through those.

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!

Pokken Tournament was released on March 18, 2016. I picked it up along with all of my lovely Animal Crossing Serise 3 cards. Since getting this it’s become increasingly addictive while playing. So if your thinking about picking it up because Pokemon are great! But not sure if this game is, hopefully I’ll help clear that up!

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Kawaii Overload!

I have been so “lazy” blogging this month, partly due to The Division and Black Desert Online eating away my life on the weekends, the other part is I’ve been having really awful back pains, and been having to go to the doctor for pain meds,  going to massages, and chiropractor appointments. Back pain is the worst because it just takes it out of you, and (at least for me)  I tend to sleep the pain off. But I’m doing better and settling down to get out a ton of Blog posts over this week, so be ready!

So this month was the best box for Kawaii Box out of all the months I’ve gotten it so far, and I’m excited to share all the goodies I got!

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Tatt Me Up

I have always loved tattoos, but I have none. Mostly because a) don’t have money for them and b) I’m stupid lazy and I am unwilling to put the time in to find a fantastic artist who would make my dreams into ink. So this week’s 5 Fandom Friday is all about geeky tattoos I would want, and who knows I might even end up with one (or more) of them someday.

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Guild Acceptance

Me & A Guildie Leveling together

Over a year ago I was playing ArchAge, before it went pay-to-win, and in that game your guild is basically your family. ArchAge was the first game that I wasn’t playing with friends, or anyone I knew in real life. Which meant I was on my own for finding a guild. Luckily I found a great one, and became friends with everyone, I even made officer, and lead us to victory in Sea PVP ~my specialty~ I also got to learn what I like to call public relations, basically making treaty and agreements with other guilds so we could accomplish a common goal, and sorting out guild politics.

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Ladies First ~Birchbox~

The fist of my boxes have started to arrive again. So far in 2016, Birchbox’s shipping has been on point. It use to come anywhere from mid-month to really late in the month. For the last 3 months it’s been in the first two weeks of the month, which is awesome! Way to go Birchbox!

This month their box is themed around international women’s day + women’s history month, the boxes include products that will “amplify your unique features (and help you take on the world!)”.

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