Gotta Catch ’em All

Happy 20 Years of Pokemon! 

If your like me than Pokemon has been part of your entire life basically. I’m 25 so for only five years Pokemon wasn’t a think. That’s sort of amazing. Pokemon is literally something that I have grown up with and so have a lot of other people. Which in today’s society with fads coming and going so quickly it’s really nice to have somethings that are always there. I thought to celebrate we could take a walk down memory lane together!

I was first introduced to Pokemon in elementary school, specifically third grade. What a wonderful year, Britany Spears, The Backstreet Boys, and N’Synce were at the height of their game. The girls in my class had a strong black market smackers lip balm trade going on and the boys were into these new things called Pokemon cards. Well the girls had to get in on it too, and soon the smacker trade was left behind and we all were into collecting, trading, and playing Pokemon. My classmates got to watch the cartoon as well, I however only got to watch cartoons on Saturdays…sometimes. We didn’t have cable, so when the Pokemon movies came out on VHS, I was all about that life, well that and TY Beanie Babies, but that’s another story.


I remember going over to my cousins house and looking at all their Pokemon cards. I fell in love with Rapidash, perhaps that was the spark for my love of unicorns. My cousins gave me my first cards, a Pikachu and a Ponyta. I still have them. They are the only cards I kept when I gave my collection to goodwill when I moved out of my parents house.

My boyfriend and his brother are both still into Pokemon, when they were kids it was something they bonded over, for better or for worse. The first games they played were Red & Blue, apparently they didn’t quite understand how a link cable worked so his little brother cut the link cable in half out of frustration and anger. Thinking that would solve all they problems, my bf likes to tell me that story, always laughing by the end.


Pokemon has always been something of an ice breaker and lead to some great friendships. I had the same barista for about six years, they do theme Wednesdays, and one day they did Pokemon, all the barista dressed up as trainers or their favorite Pokemon, and with every order they gave out an old Pokemon card. Well, I got very excited, and so did my barista and my second favorite barista. It was right before X & Y were released, and they told me all about their plans to go to the midnight release of the games. When they saw my shared excitement they invited me and my bf to come as well. We had the best time! After they left their coffee making days we all remain good friends, battling each other still, but we’ve also moved on to XBox games, and movie nights. 🙂


It’s memories like those that make the Pokemon franchise so powerful. Pokemon has found it’s way into the hearts of millions. And we all look forward to the future of where Pokemon is going. With exciting things on the horizon such as Pokemon Go and now Sun & Moon. Not to mention the legendary event that is happening all year in 2016. It’s a good time to be a Pokemon fan!

Twenty years have come and passed, and I hope another twenty years of Pokemon will grace a new generation and we will all have common ground to start new friendships on. Sharing memories, and having fun, bonding with one another. Few video games offer such a human element, that transcends time as Pokemon has done.

Has Pokemon touched your life in someway, got a funny story to share? I would love to hear any stories! Please feel free to leave comments below. 🙂


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