Trash or Treasure?

Everyone keeps a variety of thing on them when they venture out into the real world. My adventures tend to be rather mundane, but my nick-nacks are important to my survival whilst away from the safety of my home. So these are things that are always in my bag!


 Hand lotion– I always have it. Especially in Winter and Summer. My hands get super dry from doing farm work so in the Winter I use Hempz and in the Summer I tend to use 100% pure shay butter, it’s so moisturizing!



IMG_7228 Business Cards– While I do work full time on my parents farm, I am also a free lance photographer, graphic designer, and front end web designer. So gotta have them business cards ready to unleash! Oh I’ve also started doing video which is pretty exciting, I’ve landed my first big repeating client for it which I am super pumped for.



IMG_7229 Lip balm– Doesn’t everyone carry lip balm? This winter has been weird for Oregon, it’s somewhere between the usual never ending rain, and dry air. So weird, but what else could you expect from a bipolar states weather? Interesting where I live we usually have snow by now but none this year. I guess it could still come but I doubt it. There has been a ton of snow in the mountains which will be great for the farmers in the valley this summer. We depend on a good snow pack for our crops.

IMG_7227 The Randomness– I always have the most random things in my bag, like this, my BF’s wrist band from last weekend’s Portland Wizard World Comic Con, which was very fun! But he took off his wrist band in the car on the way home so now it lives in my bag. I also collect movie stubs, and random candies from our favorite sushi place.



IMG_7230 Headbuds– These are my favorite headbuds. I haven’t had a favorite headbud since high school when those different colored gummy ones were in style. Those were so good. I don’t like the ones that actually go into my ear because my ears are to small and they will just fall out. These I got from either the fall or winter fun fit fab box.



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