7 Tips for Starting BDO

With the launch of BDO coming up I thought I would share 10 tips about starting the game! These aren’t like ground breaking things for people who have been watching streams, or participated in alpha or beta, but for those just embarking on their journey hopefully I can help out.

  1. 1 Day in game = 4 Hours; 2 Hours of Day, 2 Hours of Night. During the night mobs become stronger, and grant more xp. Bonus: You’re given a lantern in your inventory, obviously use it at night, but you can select to turn off everyone else’s in the settings menu.
  2. Once you get a mount, know it can take damage and die. To keep it safe, “park” on main roads, in towns, or safe areas so your mount won’t die while you folic off on adventure. This rule does not extend to your pets-they only pick up things for you, tho you do need to feed them (bonus: you can have up to four pets out at a time).        If your interested in breading check out this video.
  3. Break yourself of conventional “questing” you’ll waste a lot of time otherwise. To gain xp do the black mist’s dudes quests and farm mobs of the appropriate level. All other NPC quests rewards things you’ll need. But you can go back and do these later if you wish. For leveling guide 1-15 click here for 15-21 click here (should be a good starting point at least) 🙂
  4. Technically you never have to close the game, if your hardcore, then make use of AFK time. Such as leveling up your riding, or fishing skills. Fishing  is complex in this game. Main objective; get a rod- any will do, a basic one costs 500 sliver from Crio in Velia. For a fantastic guide check out this fishing guide it’s worth the read!
  5. There are different types of housing in the game. Storage, Logging, and Residence. Each type is used for different things. Storage expands for that city, logging is used for NPC workers you hire to farm/mine nodes, residence is where you can make a virtual home for yourself. For an overview of workers, housing, and nodes check out this video.
  6. Talking to NPC’s is a good idea. Some NPC’s have additional quests, knowledge, items, etc. to offer you. To get those goodies you have to basically build a relationship with them. You do with through sparking interest. It’s a mini game and you need to know other NPC’s to use for interest.
  7. There is no trading in BDO when it comes to most items, you can trade food, and potions.

Hope these help! See you in the game!


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