Black Desert Online CBT2

From February 18th to through the 21st was Black Desert’s Closed Beta Test 2. This is also when I decided to take the plunge and pre-order the game to try it out during the beta. I’ve been debating weather I wanted to try the game when it’s in beta because the servers get wiped but what I decided to go a head because I got to figure the whole game out. Which is actually super useful because it’s not at all what I expected it to be.

I heard about Black Desert about two years ago, while ArchAge was a thing, before it all went down hill for that game. And the thing people were saying about Black Desert Online was that it was better than ArchAge and that game, then, was blowing my mind. So ArchAge went down hill, and I stopped playing, and since then I’ve been searching for it’s replacement, and now that Black Desert is finally launching NA I will find out if it’s going to fill that place.


Black Desert Online is originally a Korean MMO that is being brought to EU & NA March 3, 2016. It’s a sandbox mmo that offerers a multiple of things from large scale battles, trading, NPC-hiring, and real estate management. This is not like other MMO’s,  starting with the most basic of things, questing.

If you want to gain experience then you do this guy’s tasks and quests. All other quests from NPC’s grant you things, such as inventory space, weapons, armor, potions, etc. The other way you gain xp is by grinding mobs. It’s also SUPER DUPER important to talk to NPC’s, there is basically a mini game that allows you to gain interest from knowing other NPC’s and if you gain enough interest that can unlock other things, such as shops, knowledge, and quests for that NPC.

Character creation is another amazing aspect of this game. There are tons of customization options, one of the biggest issues I tend to have with games is lady’s hair. It’s really not that hard to make a good bun, or long hair. This game actually did a good job of providing all lengths of hair. Not to mention you can dye it basically any color you want. I found that I really liked doing “cotton candy” hair, which I’ll probably do in my character when the game launches.

This world is beautiful, and the game sets you up to take great screen shots. Which I went crazy with during the CB.

Black Desert Online is Buy to Play for NA & EU (it’s free to play in KR), with pre-order levels of $30, $50, and $100. The $100 is only available for pre-order. There is also a cash shop in game, during the CBT the prices were a little outrageous for a lot of people including me with costumes costing $30, which is stupid. I feel that $5-$15 is much more affordable for people. Hopefully they will adjust this for launch.

Depending on your pre-order package, head start for the game is February 28, or March 1. If you have the time to dedicate to the game then the head starts might be in your interest if not however you should save your money and jump in on March 3rd when the game launches.

When I’ve played other MMO’s I really liked I use to write guides for them which a lot of people liked so I’ll probably be doing that again, I never know what I’m going to write about. I usually pick something that I have a lot of trouble with, because I figure if I have problems then so will others.-But any of that stuff will probably just be over on my tumblr. Also if you want to see even more images of the CBT click here, here, or here. So basically get ready for a lot of posts about BTO! 🙂



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