Just Put Some Frosting On It

One of my favorite treats are muffins with decorative sweet fluff on top. (Or more commonly known as cupcakes!) I love cupcakes! They are delicious, the perfect size, and super cute! I have a friend who doesn’t like cake, or cupcakes. I think something is seriously wrong with him, he also dislikes pie. Who is like that??? (Sorry if cake or pie are not your jam).


cupcake_wars_logo Cupcake Wars! 

Dear Food Network,

Thank you for making this show an obsession for me. I swear if I’m board food network is on and more than likely I’m watching chopped or cucpcake wars. Oh! & I’ve been to DC Cupcakes which was like my dream after seeing it on Cupcake Wars, their shop is super cute!

Movies With Cupcakes ~Tangled~

While watching Tangled the other day for 14 Days of Lovely Movies over on Iggle Flicks I saw the scene that they were eating cupcakes in, then I I watched like two other movies and they had cupcakes in them as well. Lesson learned; if you want ot have a happy movie include cupcake! 🙂

Jones Cupcakes

Jones Cupcake is a tiny little shop in the Pearl District of Portland, OR. It’s a stones throw away from the college I was attending and whenever I was having a terrible day, or I did really well on project I would get a cupcake from them. They are the best in Portland! My favorite is Velvet Painting, my boyfriend loves the Peanut Butter Cup.

Cannibalistic Cupcakes 


When Photography was my major I had to take a drawing class, I think it was called something like “Everyday Drawing” it was designed to not be lifestyle drawing, more relaxed. For our end of semester project we had to do a mini portfolio that explored everything that we learned that quarter, this was part of that series I did.



Cupcake Daily Insta Feed (ccupcakedaily)

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.21.40 PM

I’m not sure how I found this account, but if you love cupcakes then you should follow or browse to your hearts content. So many lovely cupcakes, it makes me hungry!



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