~Stay Cute Forever~

01d7bc0a2d76d225a33e9764f086a294b79577018fIt’s the Cutest Time of The Month!

Yesterday was a great day for mail! I got valentines, animal crossing trades, and most importantly  my Kawaii Box! Kawaii Box is a subscription box that comes monthly for $18.90 per month (includes shipping) and is super full of cute, adorable goods from Japan and South Korea.

The boxes are pretty consistent in how much I like them, when I signed up I got a 6 month plan and I think that’s all I’m going to do. There is a new box, papergang, that is a stationary box that I would like to try and I can only afford so much, so tough decisions have to be made.

This box couldn’t be better to fit into the theme for IGGPPC this month (Notice Me, Sempi!) I think this is either my last box or second to last box, so I’m super happy I get to share this with my iggle family.

So let’s dive into this month box!

This month seemed like it was geared towards Easter, a lot of things either said ‘happy Easter’ or just seemed like it would be something for that holiday. Not a bad thing but Easter is a ways off still right? I mean, hello St. Patrick’s Day! haha. This month’s box had 11 delightful products.

This month I really, really loved five of the products. With this box I tend to love the products that I can immediately think of a use for. I draw quite a bit and I tend to misplace my erasers so the Cupcake eraser is more than welcome. The Sweet Neko Purse is boarder line creepy because it’s SO life like, but it’s also very cute, and I think it would be a great little bad to throw my I.D. and debit card in when going to the movies, or a coffee date. True to it’s name the tiny bow stickers are indeed tiny! But they will be puurfect come Easter & spring. I always love the pens they send, this one is like pearl pink with gold, black ink, and says ‘Dreams come ture’ – sometimes things do get lost in translation, on the card of what included in the box it says ‘Dreams come through pen’ which I find amusing, but the company that makes the pens should get an English speaker to check them. Lastly, the soft bear plush, which is on a keychain, I think I’m going to put it on my mirror in my truck. Slowly my truck is becoming kawaii haha.

These are the things that I’m not super excited about, and I just don’t know what I would do with them. Like with any subscription box, your not going to like every single thing, but if you like the majority then I think it’s a good box for that month.

These are the items that I didn’t like at all. I looked up a youtube video for the dyi video and it was fun to do but good lord my poor tongue, I did not like the flavors. The nail art one, I just never put things on my nails like that but I have friends that do so I’ll probably be passing this along to someone.

010b11893d2aad457e1894ee876168d80df9ebc06aThis last item was a problem child. I love that it’s a doughnut, and I love that it’s a squishy, but the flakes on top, most of them came off/are coming off so I can’t do anything with this one. 😦 Otherwise I would have loved this as well.




So 5 I love, 3 I’m neutral about, 2 I really didn’t like, and a problem child. Seems like a good box over all!

If you liked this box, be sure to check out last month’s!




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