Notice Me, Sempi!


This month our mind is on our Senpai! Wouldn’t you just love for your favorite fandom senpai to notice you? And when they don’t, don’t you just want to eat your feelings? And sometimes, don’t you want to say “Screw it!” and pal around with your Galentines instead!? Each month we ask 5 hard-hitting questions as we go Inside the Theme. ~IGGPPC Forum & Site

1)Who was your first fictional crush? Who is a current fictional crush?

William Thatcher, from A Knight’s Tale, played by Heath Ledger. I first saw A Knight’s Tale while at a sleepover at my friends house, we watched it with her older sister, while snacking on popcorn. Today, I’m not sure if I have a fictional crush…probably, King Alister or Fenris from dragon age.

2) You’d love for senpai to notice you… What secret admirer gift do you send in silent hope for some attention?

Well, if it were for William Thatcher I would get him something jousting related, or maybe a horse, that would defiantly get his attention! 😀
3) What is your go-to indulgence when you just want to channel your inner Usagi and eat your feelings over that clueless senpai?

Popcorn. It’s like my obsession right now. For Christmas my mom got me a Chef’n Pop Top Microwave Popcorn Popper which you just put loose corn in an pop it yourself, you can add oil or butter or seasoning, but my favorite is just plain popcorn with just a touch of sea salt.( & it’s super healthy! 🙂 )
4) Feel like sharing an awkward dating anecdote? 

Well, for dudes out there, let it be known if you dump me for a girl (who has no interest in you) on the same track team as me then show up to our track meet and try to be my friend (the same day you dump me, no less) I will threaten you with a javelin, and get you banned from track meets. Just saying….
5) Never mind senpai! Give us a short galentine’s day poem to celebrate all the amazing ladies you love!

Erm, Umm, well this is awkward.

I’m not to good at being put on the spot.

It’s like being pushed against a locker.

I can feel it getting hot.

I love the new friends I’ve made.

Here on IGGPPC, friends good & true.

It’s enough for cause of a parade.

I look forward to getting to know even more of you!

Happy Galentine’s Day!


Join the conversation on IGGPPC forum, or read the Saff’s answers!


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