What’s The Occasion?~Birchbox~


It’s the greatest time of the month, when my subscription boxes start arriving in my mail box. This month Birchbox made it to me first arriving on Friday, just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend when I was bound to spend some time relaxing, which seemed to be the theme for this month’s box for me. While the official theme for Birchbox this month was ‘What’s The Occasion?’ – seems to be a fitting theme for the month with Valentine’s and all.

“We all have times we want to look extra special- whether it’s a four-star dinner with your best friends or your standing date night. This February is about helping you create your own not-quite- everyday looks, from easy haristyles (that look anything buy to versatile makeup techniques you can use again and again.”

This month’s box is sooooo much better than last months! This month’s sample choices included Hey Honey take it off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask, Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm, and Whish Revitalizing Cleansing Oil. All great choices, but I was really curious about the Arrow Boost Color Lip Balm, its a brand new product and line from Birchbox.

If your interested in signing up for Birchbox please feel free to use my referral link, or just check outtheir page here.

Before we jump into the actual products can we just look at how gorgeous this box is?


It’s so perfect for valentines, I’m totally going to find a reason to keep this on my desk, or on display somewhere.






IMG_7027They also had a good selection of Birchbox Plus items to add on this month. Such as the candle I got! It’s from Mine Design, an LA based company, in the scent Bell- it’s a very flora scent.






BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm $14.00

I was most excited to get this product. Birchbox came out with a new line called Arrow. Which is suppose to be a brand which is all about being something you can grab and go, super easy and goes with any woman’s busy lifestyle. Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm is suppose to adjust to the bodies pH, which in turn enhances the wearer’s natural lip color. It sounds like a mood ring but for your lips! How could anyone pass that up? So right when the box arrived I tore into this product and swatched it on the back of my hand, it went on clear, and I was sorta disappointed. But after a few moments it started turning colors! It was the most exciting thing a lip balm has ever done! It ended up being a light shade of pink, that was really very nice. So while $14.00 is a lot for a lip balm I’m super happy I paid $10.00 and got to have this product plus 4 more! I’m not sure I would ever buy this product, it seems luxurious for a lip balm, but I could see it being a nice gift for a girlfriend who is a runner or something.

The next product I want to try from the Arrow Line is PROTECT Aluminum- Free Deodorant. 


Color Club That’s My Jam $8.50

Least favorite product from this box for this round. I find that this brand isn’t long lasting on my nails, and that can happen sometimes, just like some people have a hard time wearing nail wraps. It photographed as a normal red color but it’s a lot darker, more like a blood red. I do really like the color, its great for Valentine’s Day!                                                                                          Bonus: It’s vegan,  100% cruelty-free, & it’s made in the USA!  


Borghese Fango Purificante Clay Cleanser | Full Size $30

‘This gentle, foaming formula deep-cleans like a mask as it soothes skin’

Birchbox is nutiarious for giving out tiny, baby samples, which makes it super hard to know if you like a product or not, so when I saw this in my box I got super excited! It’s a full ounce, like all the way to the top of the tube full! It’s a clay cleanser which I have never tied before, I’ve tied clay masks and really liked them so I can’t wait to try this out. This product is also made in the USA.

IMG_7025 Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence

Full Size $65-$110

‘An ode to Provence, this timeless scent mixes fruity and floral nuances with vanilla and pathchouli.’

I hate perfume samples, but I can expect to get up to 6 in a year of Birchbox so at least they are up front. This one smells like old lady, it’s not good. But if it’s your thing then that’s cool, just not for me.

IMG_7019 Corioliss Argan Conditioning Mask | Full Size $40

‘This nourishing mask is packed with argan oil, fatty acids, vitamin E, and tea tree oil to add softness and shine.’

Another product I was happily surprised to receive! This sample is 15 ml, so not as much as the cleanser but the tube is full so I’m happy with that aspect. I should be able to find out if this product works with my hair. It does smell like baby powder a bit so that’s weird but here’s hoping for the best. I really, really love face and hair masks so this is hopefully going to be my jam.

This month’s samples were SO much better than last months, 3/5 isn’t to shabby, and really if it had been an OPI nail polish which are sometimes in the boxes it would have been 4/5, it’s not their fault the nail polish refuses to stay on my nails. Here’s looking forward to next month!


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