My First OTP’s

Soooooo I don’t typically think about OTP’s. Like I don’t care. Yes I fan girl, no I don’t linger on fictional characters that long. I’m the same way with celebrities, I just don’t care that much. SO this prompt was an exercise for me. I learned two things, 1) I consume more media then I would like to admit, 2) I love individual characters more than I love couples. However I did manage to create a list! Yay me, haha.

(On a side note, is it normal not to have OTP’s? Am I weird for not thinking this bit through sooner? Am I nerding/geeking right?-*sigh* such hard questions for a Friday)

  1. Katara + Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender)


I love Avatar the Last Airbender, such a great show. And I’m not sure how I thought that Katara + Zuko would make a good couple but here we are. I think it has something to do with a romanticized idea of opposites attract, since one is a water bending and the other is a fire bender. But come on how could you not think these two are super cute? 🙂

2.  Jack Frost + Queen Elsa

“These two characters actually, although on the outside seem to be very different have a lot in common personality wise. Their sacrifices and love for their younger siblings (Jack died to save his younger sister. Elsa isolated herself to protect her sister whom she cared about even though it was killing her inside; sacrificing some of her childhood, all of her teen’s years, the start of her adult life just to keep Anna and her family safe from herself), and their loneliness, isolation: Jack was alone for hundreds of years, unable to interact with someone, while that Elsa was isolated in her room, far away from everyone, keeping herself in isolation). They could bond and find comfort in one another over. Jack didn’t interact with someone for years; no one could touch him as he was a spirit, whereas Elsa, locked alone for years in her room, refused to let everyone touch her all in order to protect them. They could find comfort one another knowing they are not alone; to know that there is someone else going through what they are going through.” ~ Fanlore

Plus thinking about their personalities- Elsa: regal, mature, serious – Jack: immature, fun-spirited, mischievous- could create great situations and dialog. The two, in my opinion balance each other quite well.

3. Jess + Rory (Gilmore Girls)

Gilmore girls was a staple to my teen years. I remember coming home and watching it after school in my freshmen and sophomore years of high school. I lived for their witty writing and pop culture references. It is also probably this shows fault I have such an addiction to caffeine now. Of course I liked Dean and Rory but when they introduced Jess I was like “that need to happen NOW!” haha. Dean ultimately wanted Rory to be a different version of herself and if she had continued going out with him, she might have lost sight of her dream. Jess was a “bad boy” with a lot of baggage, and Rory got to start learning about life in a more adult way. Their break up, I feel, also helped Rory to see that it’s important to depend upon herself and to make her own way in the world.

4. Fitz + Simmons (Agents of Shield)

They are cute. That’s it. I love nerds in love. Sorry it’s not more complex than that for this one. 😛

5. King Alistar + Queen Cousland (Dragon Age Origins)

This might be my ultimate OTP, when Dragon Age Origins came out I was a junior in High School, and I played the shit out of this game. The only other PC game I played before it was the original Assassins Creed and this game blew that one out of the water for me. Seeing Alistar transform in to King was amazing to me. His character building was fantastic, and yes he was whinny, but he was also immature and you (me) got to assist him in becoming a better human, and leader. Which he really needed the help with! While he was whinny he was also funny and romantic, which for a 16/17 year old girl who had no dating life left me with day dreams of being his queen *sigh*. So King Alistar will always have a special place in my heart.



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