~A Little Bit of Lovely Reading~

Another month is gone, hard to believe. It seems like February flew right by! I feel like I didn’t read as much this month but life was a lot busier than January. I gave up on any hope of reading Star Wars things, I just can’t (sorry to the lovers of Star Wars books).

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Gotta Catch ’em All

Happy 20 Years of Pokemon! 

If your like me than Pokemon has been part of your entire life basically. I’m 25 so for only five years Pokemon wasn’t a think. That’s sort of amazing. Pokemon is literally something that I have grown up with and so have a lot of other people. Which in today’s society with fads coming and going so quickly it’s really nice to have somethings that are always there. I thought to celebrate we could take a walk down memory lane together!

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Rush To Relax ~Boxycharm~

“From stilettos to slippers, get ready to work hard and rest easy!”

The last of my subscription boxes came in a few days ago but I had a very busy weekend, and then I got an awful cold so I’ve been making the couch my best friend,  and Netflix has been keeping me company. But I finally felt well enough to sit down and catch up on my blogging! Yay!

Boxycham is a monthly beauty box for $21 per month. This has been the best beauty box subscription I’ve had out of the ones I have tried. A lot of people compare Boxycharm and Glossybox because they are both $21 per month (much like the comparison between birchbox and ipsy). In each Boxycharm box there are 4 to 6 products, that are typically full sized, once in a while there will be a deluxe sample size.

This month’s theme is Rush To Relax, let’s get into the box!

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Black Desert Online CBT2

From February 18th to through the 21st was Black Desert’s Closed Beta Test 2. This is also when I decided to take the plunge and pre-order the game to try it out during the beta. I’ve been debating weather I wanted to try the game when it’s in beta because the servers get wiped but what I decided to go a head because I got to figure the whole game out. Which is actually super useful because it’s not at all what I expected it to be.

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Just Put Some Frosting On It

One of my favorite treats are muffins with decorative sweet fluff on top. (Or more commonly known as cupcakes!) I love cupcakes! They are delicious, the perfect size, and super cute! I have a friend who doesn’t like cake, or cupcakes. I think something is seriously wrong with him, he also dislikes pie. Who is like that??? (Sorry if cake or pie are not your jam).

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~Stay Cute Forever~

01d7bc0a2d76d225a33e9764f086a294b79577018fIt’s the Cutest Time of The Month!

Yesterday was a great day for mail! I got valentines, animal crossing trades, and most importantly  my Kawaii Box! Kawaii Box is a subscription box that comes monthly for $18.90 per month (includes shipping) and is super full of cute, adorable goods from Japan and South Korea.

The boxes are pretty consistent in how much I like them, when I signed up I got a 6 month plan and I think that’s all I’m going to do. There is a new box, papergang, that is a stationary box that I would like to try and I can only afford so much, so tough decisions have to be made.

This box couldn’t be better to fit into the theme for IGGPPC this month (Notice Me, Sempi!) I think this is either my last box or second to last box, so I’m super happy I get to share this with my iggle family.

So let’s dive into this month box!

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Notice Me, Sempi!


This month our mind is on our Senpai! Wouldn’t you just love for your favorite fandom senpai to notice you? And when they don’t, don’t you just want to eat your feelings? And sometimes, don’t you want to say “Screw it!” and pal around with your Galentines instead!? Each month we ask 5 hard-hitting questions as we go Inside the Theme. ~IGGPPC Forum & Site

1)Who was your first fictional crush? Who is a current fictional crush?

William Thatcher, from A Knight’s Tale, played by Heath Ledger. I first saw A Knight’s Tale while at a sleepover at my friends house, we watched it with her older sister, while snacking on popcorn. Today, I’m not sure if I have a fictional crush…probably, King Alister or Fenris from dragon age.

2) You’d love for senpai to notice you… What secret admirer gift do you send in silent hope for some attention?

Well, if it were for William Thatcher I would get him something jousting related, or maybe a horse, that would defiantly get his attention! 😀
3) What is your go-to indulgence when you just want to channel your inner Usagi and eat your feelings over that clueless senpai?

Popcorn. It’s like my obsession right now. For Christmas my mom got me a Chef’n Pop Top Microwave Popcorn Popper which you just put loose corn in an pop it yourself, you can add oil or butter or seasoning, but my favorite is just plain popcorn with just a touch of sea salt.( & it’s super healthy! 🙂 )
4) Feel like sharing an awkward dating anecdote? 

Well, for dudes out there, let it be known if you dump me for a girl (who has no interest in you) on the same track team as me then show up to our track meet and try to be my friend (the same day you dump me, no less) I will threaten you with a javelin, and get you banned from track meets. Just saying….
5) Never mind senpai! Give us a short galentine’s day poem to celebrate all the amazing ladies you love!

Erm, Umm, well this is awkward.

I’m not to good at being put on the spot.

It’s like being pushed against a locker.

I can feel it getting hot.

I love the new friends I’ve made.

Here on IGGPPC, friends good & true.

It’s enough for cause of a parade.

I look forward to getting to know even more of you!

Happy Galentine’s Day!


Join the conversation on IGGPPC forum, or read the Saff’s answers!

What’s The Occasion?~Birchbox~


It’s the greatest time of the month, when my subscription boxes start arriving in my mail box. This month Birchbox made it to me first arriving on Friday, just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend when I was bound to spend some time relaxing, which seemed to be the theme for this month’s box for me. While the official theme for Birchbox this month was ‘What’s The Occasion?’ – seems to be a fitting theme for the month with Valentine’s and all.

“We all have times we want to look extra special- whether it’s a four-star dinner with your best friends or your standing date night. This February is about helping you create your own not-quite- everyday looks, from easy haristyles (that look anything buy to versatile makeup techniques you can use again and again.”

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