Dead Man’s Party


I finally saw the third episode of Shadowhunters, and I liked it more than the first two episodes. I think what a lot of people forget is that this show is based off the book. It’s not the book or the movie, it’s something that is stand alone. Sure it has the same characters, and basic story line, but along the way things are going to be different. I know it’s hard to not compare things, but I feel in order to give this show the best chance people need to stop holding it up to the book.

The reason books are so great is because we can use our imagination, and create the perfect world within our heads. In TV (and movies) there are script writers, actors, make up artists, costumes, set design, directors, and so many more that come together and put on a show, instead of just you and the author.

So the third episode picks up where the second left off, our band of heroes arrive back at the institute, and it feels like they have been arguing in the car ride back and we, the audience, happen upon them, at a moment when Clary is still trying to understand why Shadowhunters think they are superior to humans. As well as how they could have let Simon be kidnapped. In this scean I really like the dry sarcasm that Clary has when she says “you rock guys” because that is how my sarcasm is (it’s almost to dry to be quite honest), but I understood it to be a bit cheeky. I also enjoyed Alec’s rebuttal of “There is some truth to the idea that human being should have a modicum of common sense.”

Just as Clary is a new Shadowhunter, the TV show must also assume so is it’s audience, so them walking through how everything is connected and how things work for the Shadowhunters, downworlders, and the accords is useful.

I am really enjoying Alec this episode, he’s so broody and emotionally distressed. His unwillingness to come to terms with his feelings clearly becomes a side plot in this episode. Starting in the graveyard, he tells Jace that he (Jace) is so desperate to get laid that he would risk getting Alec and Isabelle killed. Clearly this effects Jace even through his stone like demineor. They are best friends and basically brothers, who wouldn’t that effect?

Jace is suppose to be this bad ass, but he is emotionally unavailable- like stone. Until Clary, then as the episodes move along you can see an inner struggle starting to happen. He’s never known true love, true friendship, pure happiness, things that lots of people take for granted, all his life he has been a solider, never knowing what was missing. Alec’s words can be seen taking effect when Jace is teaching Clary to use Seraph, sure the dialog is a bit corny, but the big thing to notice is that Jace changes “I will be with you” to “We will be with you” making it less personal, his body language also changes from intimate (starting to open up and let Clary in) to closed off and distant.

Isabelle leaves the graveyard to find Meliorn who she wants to get information out of him about how to break into the vampires nest. To do this there is sexy time, there was actually a lot of sexy time & making out in this episode, which is something I thought was missing from the second episode, especially for Isabelle’s character. So I am really happy to see Isabelle being well, like, Isabelle.

In the mean time our heroes are in the graveyard, Simon is being held captive by vampires. I actually found the vampires to be boring, or average, at least the ones holding Simon. Simon is still funny as hell, but the vampires were just lackluster for me. The vampire fight between Jace and the Vampire at the biker bar was interesting.

The rest of the episode is the actual act of saving the Simon. The special effect I think are really very good. When the vampires are struck with enchanted arrows or weapons they crack into  fire, like break glass, I think that’s an interesting take on the vampire lore. They way they catch on fire is very reminisce of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which is in no way a bad thing.

When Simon and Clary are reunited, their dialog was super cringe to me. It was the worst part of the episode for me. Clary saying it’s over, repeatedly, and and then building it up to having romantic inclinations, then friend-zoning is very annoying. I think there was just a better day to write the scene. I did like that through out the episode Alec tried to talk to Jace, and we got to see that tension build, until the end when there was a baby explosion from Jace. God I just wanted to yell at my screen “BECAUSE HE LOVE YOU, YOU BIG DUMB DUMB.” So I’m really looking forward to seeing how Alec developed as a character and the obstacle he faces.



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