Books, Books, Books, Books! ~January~

This month I read quite a few books! Pat on the back for me. Normally I do not read, at all. Life just seems to get in the way. Which is a bad excuse, because if one is serious about something then one can make time. One of my new years goals is to read 40 books. All I have to do is read about 3.5 books per month, I would say I’m well on my way to my goal.

This month I read:


I Hate Fairyland #1-4 by Skottie Young

I wanted to read this comic when it was first released but it just started coming out on kindle, and they were on sale for 99 cents so how could I not?

I fluffing love this comic, from the art style to the word choice! I am thinking of getting the physical copies because of how vibrant the colors of the world are in this comic. I also think it’s super interesting plot line for having a 30 year old trapped in a body of a six year old. This comic made me want to see her normal life as well, if she ever makes it out of Fairyland how would her parents & family react?

STK649673Teen Dog #1 by Jake Lawrence

This was what the Iggle Comic Alliance read for the trade of the month. It was very entertaining! Made me feel like I was reading something from Nickelodeon’s Doug from back in the 90’s. What I did not like about this was that there wasn’t really any reason to keep reading into the next issue. Not that I didn’t like it but, that there was not enough story line, or plot developed, instead it seemed to be focused on character development which was really fine. So I don’t know if I’m going to keep reading this series or not yet.

aftermath_new.6.red_Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

With all the hub bub from The Force Awakens my boyfriend and I joined a Star Wars book club. He was kept up with it way better than me. But Star Wars isn’t really my cup of coffee. I listened to the audio book for this one, and sure all the sounds effects helped but over all the book was super boring to me. 😦 But I tried. I think next month I’m gonna try and read some Star Wars comics… *sigh*


nimona_finalNimona by Noelle Stevenson

I’ve wanted to read this for freaking ever! So I finally did! If you like spunk, dragons, and symbolism then you’ll love this book just as I did. Nimona is a spunky character & I found out that Noelle Stevenson is also responsible for Lumberjanes-one of my favorite comics ever! I think also seeing things from the “villains” point of view is something not a lot of authors do, so it was good to have that new variety.


tumblr_nr6rlhiA261rkciaro1_1280Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

I decided to read this series after watching a YouTuber do a review about them. They sounded right up my ally and I wasn’t wrong. I really liked that Karou was an art student, and I think the concept of angels & demons just living in another dimension and actually not having a whole lot to do with our common placed theories or lore about them was really refreshing. I am differently going to continue to read the series.


Please feel free to add me as a goodreads friend! I would love to be yours! 


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