DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Premier Thoughts

SPOILER WARNING! ~Major Spoilers Ahead~

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Premiered last week, and I finally saw it over the weekend. Since I don’t have cable I didn’t really know about this show, which I guess was good, since I didn’t have any expectations. I decided to watch it because I like Arrow & The Flash.

The show focuses on a team of misfits, assembled by Rip Hunter, who has traveled back in time to the present day to attempt to prevent Vandal Savage from destroying the world and taking over time. I like that they quickly introduced the recruits for the the team. There is The Atom (Brandon Routh) who has been on both the Arrow & The Flash. White Canary (Caity Lotz) from Arrow, she was initially the vigilante know as “Canary” in Arrow season 2, she was killed in season 3 & resurrected in season 4, she is partially based on the DC comic character Black Canary.

Firestorm (Professor Martin Stein-Victor Garber- and Jefferson “Jax” Jackson-Franz Drameh) I didn’t like that they replaced Ronnie, but still hint that he is around, I just like his character better with the Professor. Maybe in time I’ll get use to it. Hawkgirl (Cira Renee) and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) who are apparently some kind of deitys who are reincarnated time after time through out the centuries. As far as superheroes their back story was the one that was a bit odd to me, but for the pilot episode it is also the back story that is in the spotlight. Probably because not a lot of people know about either of these characters. Lastly we have the a lovely couple of villains Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) who I am the most excited to see. They are probably the biggest reason I decided to watch the show. I loved them in the Flash.

There was a ton of cross over in this first episode which I really liked. I really love seeing different heroes popping into each others cities and lives. Guests included Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash, and Carlos Valdes from the Flash.

From the first episode we found out that Rip Hunter had some hidden motives to putting the team together, which no one takes kindly to, and we learn about Hawkgirl & Hawkman’s origin story. Along with getting to know our number one bad guy, the whole reason the team is brought together, to bring down Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) who is apparently a 4,000 year old immortal who has manipulated leaders throughout history in an attempt to gain dominion over the entire world. His origin story is also tied into Hawkgirl & Hawkman’s.

I thought they did a good job with time travel, it could be pretty tricky to pull off, even with special effects. My favorite part probably had to be the bar fight. Having Captain Cold, Heat Wave, & White Canary getting into a good bar fight is always enjoyable. I also thought the only real action scene was after the bar fight. We get to see the team fight “together” for the first time. I say “together” because they are in the same space, but they weren’t working together, like a real team would, and how could they? They were just thrown together. But I thought the action was of high production level, something you would see in a movie.

The biggest negative for me was some of the lines the actors had to say. Such as when Rip was trying to convince them to join his cause, he says something to the effect of “Destined for greatness,” to which The Atom responds “I could get behind that.” It just seemed a bit corny, and not in a funny way, cause I love funny corny things. Another example of this is when Hawkgirl and Hawkman are arguing over wether or not they should join Rip and his cause. Hawkman says something along the lines of “Winner gets to decide little lady,” then they flew at each other implying the had some sort of epic battle. It just felt really out of place.

I’m not really sure if I’m going to watching this show as it’s aried. I might wait for it to come to Netflix and binge watch it like I have with Green Arrow & The Flash.



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