Moodboard Your Year ~Birchbox~

I really love their box designs. 

 Birchbox is a beauty subscription box, very similar to Boxycharm, but with a price difference of Birchbox only costing $10 per month. This is often a more affordable option for a lot of people. I started getting Birchbox last January (I’ve been subscribed for a WHOLE Year! Wow! That went fast!) and in that time I have found that I like the perks of getting this box than actually receiving the physical box.

Perks? What perks? Well when you join Birchbox you started

all products from this months box

acquiring points based on how much you spend. For every dollar spent you get a point, and at 100 points you get $10 to spend in the store. So basically you get 10% back. You can also save those points up and use them on one really nice something that maybe you wouldn’t get otherwise. I do this a lot. If there is something in the shop that I want to try but don’t think I would like it completely, I’ll use my points so I feel like I haven’t spent anything at all. You can also earn points by reviewing products you receive in your monthly box.

Another really cool perk to the Birchbox Subscription is they will have add ons, such as planners, card sets, jewelry, home accessories, etc. that you can add on to your box for that month, usually those products are at a discounted price.

For those who love Birchbox and earn 500+ points in one calendar year, they become an Ace.  Aces get free shipping, concierge service, exclusive shop offers, anniversary gifts, and surprises. I really like their program I think it’s really great, compared to others that are out there.

On to the box!

This month, being January and all, Birchbox picked the theme of “Moodboard Your Year” To be honest I had no clue this month what their theme was. With the holidays wrapping up and trying to get back in the swing of work, and everything. Usually you can go on and pick between their normal random sample boxes, or the curated sample box. If you pick the random sample box then you can pick from a selection for one item you know will be included in your box.

If your interested in signing up for Birchbox please feel free to use my referral link, or just check out their page here.

IMG_6816 Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick- Scuba (Full Size) $7.34 The waterproof and smugeproof formula glides on quickly without creasing plus, the stick doubles as an eyeliner pencil. On Birchbox they have a trio for $22.

WOW. This product was an epic flop for me. Right off the bat I do not like to color. I would never wear purple like that. The next thing was when I swatched it, it smudged, and because i like to try things out I went and washed my hands to get it off, didn’t even have to scrub to get it to come off. After reading others review of the product it seems like my experience is the norm, when they advertise just the opposite. That makes me super upset.


Jouer Matte Moisture Tint – Beige Natural (Sample Size) Full size $40. This matte tint gives you smooth, glowy complexion instantly, and its infused with vitamins A,C, and E. 

This was such a SMALL sample. Not even enough for one go. The tint they sent is also not my skin tone, it was to dark, because in winter I am a ghost and pale as all hell. After looking at all the shades it does come in I would guess I am a “Porcelain” which is 3 shades lighter than what they sent. Other than the color not matching, it made my skin very oily so I can’t really recommend this product.

IMG_6817Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect (sample size) Full size $32. A sulfate-free conditioning spray that safeguards color & protects against UV rays.

This is actually a really good sample size to come from Birchbox. I am excited to try it, however I do fear it will make my hair greasy like their other products I have tried (their shampoo & conditioner) but you never know.

IMG_6821Oribe Cote d’Azur Eau de Parfum (sample size) Full size $95.00. Enjoy the scent you love from Oribe, now in a perfume that lasts all day. 

I really hate that they give perfume samples. Mostly because I have a select few scents that I wear, and that’s it. But alas Birchbox is very up front and tell you, you will receive at max 6 samples through out a year. I think it goes with out saying I did not like this scent. It smelled like something my grandma would wear.

IMG_6818Supergoop! Advanced SPF 37 Anti-Aging Eye Cream (sample size) Full Size $45. This treatment reduces dark circles, depuffs undereye bags, blocks UV rays, and minimizes lines.

I like the Supergoop! brand, specifically their sunscreen. In the summer I keep a small tube of it in my desk & apply before I go out to the fields (my irl job is working on a farm). So if I were in need of an anti-aging eye cream then I’m sure this would do the job just fine. However I have no interest in anti-aging anything.

So this wasn’t the best Birchbox I have gotten, however, and this is going to sound sad, it’s also not the worst Birchbox I have ever gotten. Hopefully next months will be better. Who knows I might just cancel and just get Boxycharm, because I like it so much more.


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