Shadowhunters Premier


I loved the Moral Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, and when got adapted to the sliver screen I was pretty excited. However I did feel that the movie fell short compared to the book, which is pretty normal for book to movie adaptations. So when I found out (yesterday, I don’t watch much TV anymore) that Freeform (aka ABC Family) was bringing Shadowhunters to TV I got pretty curious.

Last night I watched Episode 101-The Mortal Cup & Episode 102- The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy (each episode is about 40 minutes). What I was most impressed with is how the people turned into their demon counter parts. I thought the make for the monsters was fantastic. The pacing for the show right now is pretty fast in comparison to the books, which leads me to believe the writers are wanting to get off of the books pretty quickly, which makes me really happy. The books are great, and I love that world but I wanted to explore more. I always wanted more adventures from Jace & Clary and now I think we get that chance.

Because I read the books, I know what they have cut out, and I’m not unhappy with their decisions, with only 40 mins per episode it would be ineradicablely difficult to include everything, especially if the writers are wanting to go in a different direction.

The casting for the characters I thought was pretty on point. I have concerns for  Clary, but I’m hoping she transforms into the character I have in my head. Which there is evidence in the second episode of that. The character I was most excited about see was Magnus Bane played by Harry Shum Jr. (also known for being in Glee, which I loved), and he met all my expectations, and makes me want to see more of his character. The character I was most disappointed with was Isabelle Lightwood played by Emeraude Toubia, and it wasn’t the acting. The acting was fine, it was her lines, I felt some of them were confusing. It’s as though they half committed to the her sexuality, meaning that in the books she was very sexy, all the time. And when translating that to the tv show it got lost. There is this scene in the second episode where she is talking to Simon and the lines just don’t flow.

I was also surprised by how many people were in the institute. I imagined it not as high tech, and basically barren of people. Sort of like a ruin of the Shadowhunter world.

I think it’s important to remember that this is the first of a new show, and it’s going to take a bit for them to find their barrings and iron out all the wrinkles just like with any other TV show. I am really looking forward to watching this show every week, and I am excited to see where the show goes in it’s first season.


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