Inside The Theme January 2016


1) Has first contact already happened?

Yup. Have you seen ancient aliens? (Note: watching ancient aliens while taking an art history class & asking your art history teacher about aliens in art is not a good idea. This will lead to annoying the teacher. But it’s very fun for yourself.)

2) What do you think is in area 51?

Government secretes. Not just pertaining to aliens though. I think it’s an area where the government can test new technologies, hide their downfalls, and bury their secretes.

3) What is your favorite alien book/game/movie/TV show?

I actually really don’t like alien related things, because more times than not they are portrayed as being evil, or mean, or wanting to wipe out humans. That freaks me out cause it could be true. But I do like things like MIB, where they are fighting to protect Earth & it’s inhabitants.

I also like The X-Files, Star Wars, Star Trek, & The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (book & movie), other than that there is nothing that really pops to mind that I like.

4) If extra-planetary life is more advanced, what technology or knowledge would you most hope they would share?

oh. That’s tough- I am pretty satisfied with the tech we have currently… Well if they have things like light sabers then those please. But if not, holographic communication would be pretty cool, or teleportation from one area to another would be niffty.

5) What kind of ambassador for Earth would you be? A member of the Starship Enterprise or….

Hmmm. I’m not sure I would be an ambassador for Earth. Not saying I would be a villain or anything, but I imagine I would join a rag tag group and go for exploring or be part of something like the crew of Firefly. I think that fits my personality more. 🙂

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