Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Thoughts


Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival came out on November 13, 2015, so it has been out for just over a week. I love, l love, love Animal Crossing, it makes my heart so happy.

SPOILER WARNING! I am going to speak about aspects of the game that might spoil the game (if that’s possible), depending on your definition of the concept. Please consider this a warning.

Also, these are just my thoughts, everyone opinion is valid, and I appreciate and respect everyone’s. Please extend me the same courtesy.

I was on the fence about the game. I probably would not have bought this $60 game if it wasn’t bundled with three amiibo cards (Stitches, Goldie, and Rosie), I really couldn’t careless about the Isabelle and Digby amiibos, as I have explained in other posts I live in a small apartment can I don’t have a ton of room for the space the amiibos would take up (let’s be real, if I started I would not be able to stop).

So I bought the game bundle. Cool, cool. I had heard a few things about the game before playing it myself, but I withheld judgement, because I thought it was going to be a situation like HHD, where you either love it or hate it. Turns out, I think I was right?

My boyfriend and I loaded it up and played a 2 player game, the game took us about an hour. It was the worst hour of my video game playing life. Basically this game is a dice rolling simulator. Now that sounds very harsh, and it’s suppose to be, since the Animal Crossing community deserves more, and Nintendo has the resources to make a better game. I knew there were mini games, and there are, but they are not part of the main game. Which I found VERY disappointing.

Literally all you do is wave your amiibo over the sensor to roll a die, and buy turnips to attempt to play the stock market. After about 15 minutes my boyfriend was so board. But I was like “No, no, there might be more, let’s keep going.” I was wrong, mistakes were made.

So after my initial interaction to the game I felt super confused because I can’t believe that Nintendo would try to sell a $60 dice roll sim. I just couldn’t. So the next day I gave it another go. I played the game by myself with 3 npcs, this was also a mistake. It was awful. However I did unlock the first mini game. Great? Like what am I suppose to do with that?

I thought the game was going to be an Animal Crossing skinned version of a Mario Party game. I would be super satisfied with that. Like straight up, as a consumer I would be good.

I had a low expectation bar for this game, and it couldn’t even meet that. At this point I am seriously considering taking the game back and trading it in.

Now I know I have been very negative so let me talk about what I did like about this game. 

I liked that the developer added in cute bits and videos of the villagers and players interacting, and giving a description of each day they lived thought. For the games I did play that is what kept me going for being entertained.

I like that the developer picked Goldie to be the “leader” of the game, I’m glad it wasn’t Isabelle, or something. There are so many great villagers and they all deserve to shine, not only that we all like different ones so it was nice to see that light being shared. 🙂

I liked that at the end of the game you could save your amiibos progress and there were goals and rewards set up as incentive to play the game more. Such as reaching level 2 you unlock a costume and emote, or what have you.

I like the mini games, but I wish they were included in the main game. (I’m going to hold out hope that I just haven’t unlocked that bit yet???) I honestly think if the mini games would have been included in the main game I would have a very different feeling about this game.

I liked the incorporation of the Animal Crossing world into this game, such as playing the stock market, fishing tournaments, and holidays (such as the harvest festival and toy day).

So at the end of the day I feel like this game is not worth $60, to anyone who wants the amiibos or the game just wait till they are sold separately, or the game goes on sale. I’m not going to rate this game because I think that system is broken and stupid, so I’m simply going to recommend if you thinking of picking this up, go to YouTube watch some vids, and wait for it to go on sale. Also if you have/are a child between the ages of 3-7-ish they would probably love this game for like a day, maybe two.

I sincerely feel like this is a missed opportunity for Nintendo, which makes me uber sad, I don’t want this game to be bad, and I want to give it every chance possible so I am going to continue to play it for about a week and if by the end of that I feel the same I do right now, I’ll be taking it back. 😦 


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