November Movies on IGGPPC


Yay November flicks! We have three great movies, two voted on by you guys, and one picked by us!

First up is Clueless, which fits great with our We Love the 90s theme! Watch with us on Sunday, November 15 at 9AM GMT/ 8PM AEDT, and at November 15, 8 pm CST/ 2 am GMT. Link to IGGPPC Forum Post

On November 22nd you can catch Mulan with us, another great movie from the 90′s! Watch with us at 9 am GMT/ 8 pm AEDT or at 8 pm CST/ 2 am GMT (on the 23rd) <– I’ll be hosting this one at 8pm CST, and I would love for anyone and everyone to join me! Link to IGGPPC Forum Post.

The last movie is Le Voyage dans la Lune, or Trip to the Moon (1902), you can catch it on youtube, and is in back and white or color. Check out the IGGPPC Forum Post for details. (There are no watch alongs for this one, sorry guys!)

Be sure to post your thoughts about any and all the movies this months on their respective threads,  and stay in touch with us on our twitter @IggleFlicks


The Iggle Prefects are doing four additional watch alongs! Link to forum post.

Sunday, November 8th 4 PM CST/10 PM GMT: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken with Amanda.

Saturday, November 14th 3 PM CST/9 PM GMT: Beauty & the Beast with Sophie.

Thursday, November 19th 7 PM CST/1 AM GMT: Empire Records with Franny.

Saturday, November 28th 1 PM CST/7 PM GMT: Never Been Kissed with Claire.

Basically grab a movie buddy and popcorn and pick a flick it’s a great month to be an Iggle! 



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