Inside The Theme October IGGPPC


1)Your favorite dark fairy tale, and why?

Rapunzel, I loved the “PG” version as a kid, I just found it really relatable her being locked away from the world, I was stuck on a farm during the summers as a kid. And then when I was in high school I read Zel by Donna Jo Napoli and thought it was sooo good.

2) If you were a member of the Sidhe (or part of the fairy folklore world) what kind of fae would you be?

In most circumstances I am a Unicorn. Like when in doubt be a Unicorn. However I guess I would go with an Asrai, because they melt into a pool of water when captured or exposed to light, in my case I would melt into a pool of water when exposed to other people, or made to go outdoors. (I think I might also be part cat,  just saying…)

3) As a child, what was the spookiest part of October for you?

Nothing. Nothing scared me about the dark, or of monsters, I loved (and still love) all of October and Halloween. It’s a magical month, because we choose to make it so.

4) You are planning a feast for fairies, what do you serve?

LOL, ok well because I’m me it would turn out to be nothing short of a replication of the Mad Hatters Tea Party from Alice In Wonderland.

5) What artist best captures your image of what a dark fairy tale looks like?

Umm well, I don’t know the artist that did this, but I think its an amazing take on Little Red Ridding Hood, found it a while ago.



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